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"Fake it Until You Make it": The Ball & Chain Syndrome.

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Hi all, I have been pretty busy lately; rather my life has been a bit more eventful than usual.  A lot of positive things, more so than I’ve had lately, but let’s just say the sun is shining and it’s bright! 324 more words

"Fake It Until You Make It."

Murder: An Expression of Philosophical Truth

Let Me begin this essay with two very important caveats. First, the Forbidden Truths I am revealing here are universally applicable only to “illegal” acts of murder. 1,020 more words

Social Commentary

What If I Told You...Deconstructing Myths About Black Pathology

  • That from 1980 to 2004, 84 percent of white murder victims were killed by other whites.
  • That from the same time period, 93 percent of black murder victims were killed by other blacks.
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Non-fiction Writings

What to do after a sexual assault

What is sexual assault?

Sexual assault:  any sexual act you are forced to do that you haven’t agreed to.

It is against the law for one person to force unwanted sexual acts on another person.  910 more words


Sexual Harassment Perpetuates Victim-Blaming, And It's Not Ok

Did you get catcalled on the street today? Maybe it was only with a “Hello, beautiful!” But it still triggered a rush of nerves and fear, as his stare followed your quickening shift towards the subway stop. 1,078 more words

I need to set the record straight, for all the good it's going to do.

Several ACON bloggers over at Blogger are VERY upset with me right now. It all started with the article I posted last week about not bashing all narcissists. 1,463 more words


disabling denial


what would be all the worst case scenarios. the fears i had after the attack. how did i survive. i just coped. i started school as a project to throw myself into and problem solve instead of feeling my feelings and accepting the new normal. 471 more words