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Dealing with Violence at Home - a guide for kids

What is abuse?

When someone does something to hurt or scare another person over and over again, they are abusing that person.  Abuse includes hurting a person’s body, hurting their feelings, or making them do things that make them feel bad or that they don’t want to do.   709 more words


The Choice of Freedom

Recently, a school in Mississippi got sued for starting an event with a prayer.  The background was that the school district had been forbidden from  “proselytizing Christianity”, and thus violated a previous ruling. 942 more words


When you "Fall in Love"...

By Laura Piquero

I was always a fan of romantic comedies, until I took a language training on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and became aware of “all the conditioning of co-dependency” and how unrequited love becomes an excuse to sacrifice oneself for the other. 2,491 more words

Damsels aren't the only ones in distress

The Bureau of Justice Statistics website can be found here.

RAINN’s website can be found in part here.


Leftist Ideologies Breed Helplessness

“instead of using Blacks to farm cotton, they now use Blacks to farm votes” Alfonzo Rachel

Hating Teresa Armato

Why do women prefer to hate Teresa Armato, rather than face the fact that she needs help?

Is it that they don’t want to admit that women like Armato exist? 326 more words