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Stop being a victim!

I am writing this blog post without the intention of offending anyone, but I must disclaim that I cannot express my opinion within the margins of what is deemed “politically correct.” So please, read on, and let me resume. 1,201 more words

Food Chain

The Eagle is an octopus in disguise,

winding its slithering tentacles,

around my country, my world,

smothering and feeding on its life;

the next door Neighbour, 76 more words

I Judge Individuals, I Do Not Blame Them

I judge individual humans all of the time, and I am not merciful. I judge most of them stupid, insane, inferior, brainwashed, cowards, liars to Self, liars to others, Self-haters, Self-murderers, guilty of every form of genocide, unworthy of existence, etc… 617 more words


A message from the Universe to everyone who is afraid

I’m sitting on my back steps, soaking in the spring warmth and sun. I just saw the first butterfly of the season. Mother Earth is so powerful, and so calm. 596 more words

Identifying Energies

Next stop- neighborhood rent

Can you get killed for paying rent? It depends on what you think you are paying to be able to do. Are you advancing like it is only the tip of the iceberg? 497 more words

If you harbor a killer do you control them?

(Why (they) you should not raise animals for food)- (they) you will not have competent claims:

Practicing to kill, and get away with killing on animals with (your) their children, then trying to defend (your) their self, by displacing blame on others, using (your) their kids ‘ways of killing and justification’, to try to pin the killing on others. 660 more words