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The Forbidden Truth of Universal Child Abuse

Every human alive today is a victim of severe and unrelenting childhood abuse.

Do you perceive Yourself to be a victim of severe and unrelenting childhood abuse? 321 more words


Outlaw Murderers: The Wind Beneath My Wings

Edmund Emil Kemper. David Berkowitz. Laurie Dann. Zodiac. Patrick Purdy. Charles Manson. Howard Unruh. Andrei Chikatilo. Timothy McVeigh. Jeffrey Dahmer. Martin Bryant. Andrew Kehoe. Henry Lee Lucas. 313 more words

Child Abuse

268. Emotional Manipulation vs. Being Self-Aware

I’ve been working and practicing becoming more aware on Emotional Manipulation – in myself and to others. And it is really sad and shameful to see how much of this pattern I’ve allowed to exist and influence me…Like in my relationship to my partner where through my facial movements and tonalities I can see how I try to move/persuade/manipulate my partner to do something or be a certain way. 573 more words



Let’s ignore the walls

The graffiti and bold statements

Colourful, yet they are biased

Brandishing thoughts 

Capable of overriding logic

Walls have motives

Ideas of safety kept aside… 103 more words


Systemic Trauma in our Culture

When living in England briefly after the turn of the century, I had the honor of hearing a distinguished psychoanalyst,  Dr. Juliet Mitchell, speak in London on the subject of trauma.    836 more words

Mental Health


I’m watching the world today and it angers me.  It angers me because I see a bunch of “victims” on my TV….daily…hourly….moment by moment.  Now, I’m not going to bash them in this blog because we hear it all day long from everyone.  2,035 more words


Standing By and Feeling Victimized

Bystanders. The static character of crime.

After a crime is committed, we tend to focus in on the victim and the perpetrator. The bystander is the wallflower. 474 more words