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Respect the Police, or Be Killed

Take a look at the slide being presented in this story from The Baltimore Sun:

It reads: “If you are stopped, questioned, or detained by a law enforcement official: Approach him or her with respect.  724 more words


Further Victimization of Sexual Assault Victims

Every state varies in their definition of sexual assault in the eyes of the law. Missouri, along with other states break sexual assault into a varying of terms of first or second-degree Rape, Statutory Rape, Sodomy, Statutory Sodomy, and sexual abuse. 1,438 more words

Fighting the Demons

Past experiences tend to shape who we are and where we go in life. For some, those experiences torment us, and do their best to keep us in darkness. 594 more words

Points To Ponder

Who Else Wants to Speak up for Themselves? - What's Stopping You?

This is a very difficult thing – knowing whether to speak out, or speak up for something you know isn’t right, or the opposite, something you believe is right. 1,279 more words


Thank God! Common Sense Has Prevailed.

Last week, I posted about how a mother in Virginia was facing criminal charges because she put a recording device into her daughter’s back pack to see whether or not she was getting bullied. 56 more words

The many forms of healing

So our site is getting ready for our Christmas craft show and sale (coming this weekend!).  It’s an annual event for us.  It doesn’t necessarily raise us much money but it allows us to support our local artisan community while they also show some support for us.  564 more words


I'll Always Stand By Victims of Bullying

Rolling on from my unexpected post about another victory for the bullies, I feel the need to go on more. Like I have said in the past, if I learn of any instance where a bullying victim gets the shaft for trying not to be a victim or stop the bullying, I will highlight it here. 557 more words