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WTF just happened?

There is a man in the White House who should NEVER have been voted president. There is a resider in the highest office of the USA who takes children away from their parents, just because they’ve shown up at the US/Mexico border as emigres. 285 more words


People are So Rude: Cool Results

Why are people so incredibly rude? So absolutely obnoxious that they make no sense at all? No clue what those answers are but I do know that I am finally so fed up with the nonsense of others (and even myself) that I am making a stand. 1,544 more words

Essential Oils For Rudeness

"The Tale" by Jennifer Fox (USA, 2018)

first feature / cinema of substance

An adult woman re-live her abuse childhood / Disturbing story put together in the way memories of past events come back to mind, pieces by pieces… 35 more words



Sitting at my desk, I ponder why I have been ruminating so much lately. Why are victims blamed for their own victimization? Why do tow companies get to charge victims of auto theft so much money? 550 more words


The president as the persecuted: Donald Trump’s strategy of self-victimization

Trump’s self-victimization — as with other ways he conducts himself in office, as well as some of his policies — seems to run counter to what many Republicans had claimed as a core tenet of the party: personal responsibility. 29 more words

Why Do I Feel Like An A***ole?

The reason I ask this question is based on an event from the past week. What happened was that one of my American Football officiating colleagues phoned me up and asked if we could swap games. 617 more words

Crime Defies Logic and Everyone's Health

WHY, WHY, WHY IS THE CRY, but the fruit of crime is still punishment.

When crime is done for shock value (a stark reality), this defies logic, because the criminal does crime without seeing the reality of how much negativity they are attracting, as WHY, WHY, WHY? 2,514 more words

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