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Start Healing Life-Long Vicious Cycles and Triggers - Put an End to the Blame Game

Being triggered into a reaction causes you to behave in ways you wouldn’t dream of under normal circumstances, and once the dust settles, you most likely regret your actions and wonder why you couldn’t stop yourself – again. 813 more words


The Proverbial Boogeyman

We were in the emergency room after my son had several seizures at school that were new, different than past ones. As most things go with autism, we were struggling to find any answers or even move forward towards answers. 514 more words

Never a Victim

Friends often ask me, “How could you have grown up in segregated Richmond, Virginia in a stark separate-but-equal environment without witnessing overt signs of segregation?” 830 more words

Daughters Of The Dream

We Harm Ourselves With Self-Pity Most of All

If there’s any hope for the human race, it’s going to depend on our learning the difference between pity and compassion. In Buddhism, pity and compassion are sometimes called “near enemies,” for though they can resemble each other, pity actually prevents the arising of true compassion. 220 more words

Betrayal: 70 Days, 3 Lessons

Seventy days ago today my world collapsed. For better and worse, it has been an Odessy.

I’m going to make two posts here on the topic and one on the closed blog. 1,401 more words


The Atlantic recently featured a great article on modern debating and communication methods. The article discusses an interview/ debate (see here for original debate) between a University of Toronto psychology professor and clinical psychologist, Jordan Peterson; and a British journalist, Cathy Newman. 2,213 more words


The real problem with being a victim is the powerless inherent in the role. Victims aren’t the masters of their fates or captains of their souls. 320 more words

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