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Women's Self-Defense


Oftentimes, we are so busy taking care of others that we neglect ourselves.  Between work, family, grocery shopping, homework, and little sleep, we run ourselves into the ground.  100 more words

Dear Diary

Trauma and coping mechanisms

There has been a tremendous amount of research and knowledge that has really jumped forward over the past decade when it comes to trauma.  We understand it better and in doing so we are also learning more effective methods of helping to teach people to cope.   461 more words


True Life: My Memory is Horrible

So, I haven’t posted in ages. Mainly because, my memory is absolute garbage. I always go through my day thinking, hey, I should post this on my blog! 518 more words


What’s wrong with “child pornography”? The impact of terminology

Danielle Kettleborough

As researchers, we make choices daily about what terminology to use in our reports.  We take our writing seriously and try to write as intelligibly as possible, but we often don’t think twice about the specific terms we use. 1,278 more words

From The Editors

For, Law Enforcement and First Responders

If you are in law enforcement or are a first responder, I thank you for your service to your community and for the sacrifices you make for your work. 792 more words

Dead Man Flying: A Poetic Tribute

 For Andreas Lubitz:

Dead man born.

Dead man dreaming he is not dead.

Dead man suffering.

Dead man realizing he is dead.

Dead man learning to fly. 81 more words

Current Events

"Microaggressions", "Trigger Warnings", and the New Meaning of "Trauma"

When I joined the Marines, I met a man who had survived a helicopter crash during a training exercise. The first time I saw him his head and face were covered in burn scars. 2,010 more words


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