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Do College Students Need to See The Hunting Ground?

Yes, The Hunting Ground is an important film that all college students should see. It’s a film that not only deals with sexual assault on college campuses, but the aftermath and how college’s deal with reporting. 806 more words


On Compliments

Does anyone else just assume every compliment or approbation directed towards them is facetious or sardonic? Like everyone is out to torment them and make them feel small and inadequate, always trying to sap his life energy and undermine his life’s goals and dreams. 20 more words


The Relationship Built on a Single Note of Forbidden Truth

The beautiful, young, high-powered, multi-millionaire corporate attorney walked up to the homeless old man huddled in a corner of the train station. He was always there, in the same spot. 207 more words


Childhood Sexual Abuse; Prevalence & Impact in Christian Communities

What is Childhood Sexual Abuse?

“Sexual Abuse is when a younger or less powerful person is used by an older or more powerful child, youth or adult for sexual gratification. 1,956 more words

Sexual Abuse & Violence

Stalking and harassment - protecting yourself

Ways to Increase Your Personal Safety

A stalker may try to track you down at home, work, or other places.  Here are some steps you can take to enhance your personal safety.   839 more words


Universal Child Abuse Inspires Extreme Outlaw Violence

You humans have trouble relating to “extreme” outlaw violence, such as gory serial murders of strangers and mass murder rampages at schools and churches. But I do not. 175 more words


The Length of Waiting

Hebrews 10:5-10 (NLT)

5 That is why, when Christ came into the world, he said to God,

“You did not want animal sacrifices or sin offerings. 244 more words