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Sex Offenders, Public Restrooms, and Other Places

You may have noticed there has been some discussion in our country about who should use what public restroom. As a victim advocate, I have been occasionally asked my opinion on the matter, and I am careful to point out that for me, as an individual who has spent her career working with those victimized by others, the threat is about sex offenders. 1,196 more words

Aw Come On, It Wasn't That Bad

That’s what a lot of bullies say to their victims. It is also used in retrospect on former bullying victims who want to speak out about the trauma they have suffered. 563 more words


The Lord is my strength and my song; he has given me victory.  Psalms 118:14

I spent quite a bit of time debating this post. I thought about what to share and how to share it.

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Employer Holds the Exclusive Power to Transfer an Employee

Transfer of an employee often creates trouble both in the professional and personal life of such employee if due to such transfer one has to move to another city. 287 more words

Labour Law In India

Our Constitutional Right to Privacy Is Missing From Bathroom Debate

original article: Our Constitutional Right to Privacy Is Missing From Bathroom Debate
May 17, 2016 by Matt Sharp

It should be common sense that every person is entitled to privacy when using the restroom, changing, or showering, but unfortunately, some have eliminated common sense from the discussion. 612 more words


Why I'm not a #survivor

Ok, I am. I HAVE survived. A lot. Which is my point.

I think I have much to say on this topic, but perhaps social media and the need to get to the point has played into my lazy “how quickly can I get this done” mentality! 2,029 more words


When Home is the Mouth of a Shark* : Gendered Consequences for Syrian Women Refugees

By Stephanie J. Nawyn

The war in Syria has produced the largest refugee migration since World War II. According to estimates from the United Nations High Commission on Refugees, more than 4.8 million Syrians have fled into neighboring countries (with most experts agreeing that this is a conservative estimate), and are mostly entering Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. 964 more words

Migration & Citizenship