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Every Change Has an Expiration Date

I remember my first personal computer; it was a state-of-the-art dual floppy disk PC manufactured by IBM. In order to run spell-check I had to swap one of the disks out to put in the spell-check disk; my recollection is that there were 10 or more disks for the word processing program. 782 more words


Outlaw Mass Murder: Poetic, Lyrical, Beautiful

Since I was a young child, outlaw mass murder has held a special, loved place in My mind universe. Now, decades later, this rooted love affair has only grown deeper and stronger. 230 more words

Social Commentary

Remembering What Is Important

All personal memories are supremely valuable. But personal memories are NOT memorized information or externally imposed factoids or knowledge. There is a huge difference: Personal memories exist exclusively within the realm of what has happened to You. 290 more words


FIT@50 / week 78

FIT@50 / week 78

I Just Can’t:

Years ago, mainstream media decided to ban the showing of the terrorists attacks on the World Trade Center’s Towers. 433 more words


Myths about Bullying

The day after labour day – the first day of school for most of the kids in this part of the country!  (cue, Welcome Back Kotter to those of you from my generation…).   839 more words



A while back, I wrote a Facebook post about how as adults, bullies still exist but we call them other things. The list was a long one: sexist, misogynist, rapist, assaulter, attacker, criminal, abuser, etc. 698 more words


Identify yourself: 1

The current state of this planet is undeniably dismal. I have been around a few years and lived through a few of the major changes and hurdles we overcame. 552 more words