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Neo-colonialism - exploring our entrenched colonial culture and the slave-master company

A few days ago, many of us had a rude awakening that, despite 54 years after gaining independence, colonialism is still mighty strong here in Trinidad and Tobago. 2,208 more words

African-Americans account for around 52% of all murder arrest in this country while also being arrested for murder at a rate that is 6.7 times greater…

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Just A Slice of the True Meaning of Womanhood

a friend is hard to press charges against

if you know him you must have wanted it

a misunderstanding

you know these things happen

are you sure you didnt suggest… 1,133 more words


Fixing Myself Is A Full-Time Job

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Victimization Through Self-Imposed Tyranny

We fall victim to tyrannies such as dissatisfaction and time. We are dissatisfied with our lot in life and we become miserable over what we don’t have and unfulfilled desires. 672 more words

Testimony of Lisa Beslagic

God is prompting me to tell my spiritual story to the world. You may read this and say, “Wow! She is off her rocker,” or “She is bat-shit crazy!” or “Well good for her, but what about me?” All of these are legit and I kind of expect them. 1,876 more words

Spirituality And Faith

Lives Are At Stake: What You Say Or Don't Say Matters. 

Monday through Friday, when I get to work I say hello and good morning to my supervisors. I then follow-up on emails and any messages. When 9:10 rolls around, I’m usually sitting at the desk with a brief window of free time. 485 more words

Social Commentary

'The Antidote Is The Truth'

Racist black militants and Communist activists are using their stock in trade – lies – to stir up social unrest in North America. And, like always, the antidote is the truth: 1,094 more words