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Rising Consciousness: Fanon, Identity, and Race

by Eli Rolón Jeong

Rising Consciousness: Fanon, Identity, and Race

This entry serves as a brief introduction to my own commitments within the Constructive Theologies Group. 876 more words


Body, Fetch, Talker, God-Self, and: Part Two: Fetch and Talker

Old folktales, legends, and myths point to concepts like the Fetch, Doppelganger, and Vardøger and/or Fylgja, and Ka and so forth as supernatural doubles (or attendant spirits) that some people manifest at various points. 1,235 more words


In remembrance of Victor Anderson

I have been remiss in my blogging lately, and in other forms of devotion to my gods. It’s not so much that I have writer’s block as that I have little energy for or interest in anything beyond showing up for work, getting something done to justify my paycheck, and playing Rovio games on my tablet. 340 more words

Holy Days