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Bold as Love

Well a few posts ago, I was asked to be bold. And I’m still figuring out how to. But in the meanwhile, as my journey for assertiveness continues, I’ve been asked to perform at the… 86 more words




今年的莎莎銀袋日剛剛在9/11號舉行。跑馬的事,小妹一竅不通,每年一到呢個盛事,關注的係啲名媛的帽飾同make up!

帽飾同時裝是每年盛會的主角之一!聞說今年主辦單位破天荒首次舉辦「紳士淑女」時裝表演,gentlemen穿上英倫精品服飾知名品牌 Hackett的高級男裝 ,演繹時尚魅力。

同時,大會首次邀得英國倫敦著名帽飾設計師Victoria Grant及本地著名設計師Jaycow攜手合作,與及由時裝設計師鄭兆良擔任顧問,喺新聞見到翠如BB都有參與到呢個盛事呀~


Express Yourself with Kate Moss

Who doesn’t like to look good and feel good? Nobody does. We live in the age where everybody wants to be happy and one of the best way to feel happy is to dress yourself happy. 469 more words


Victoria Grant, Domestic Violence Program Advocate: "Physical Abuse Does Not De-Escalate, It Gets Worse Without Intensive Treatment For The Batterer"

Victoria Grant, Ujima Program Advocate for the Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center says this is the type of high-profile domestic abuse case that could wake the country up. 138 more words