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How To Shop For An Evening of Romance At Target®

While FixturesCloseUp normally chronicles the merchandising front-end of a shopping trip, here is a romantic back-end result. Knowing a couple returning from a trip, my wife schemed to provide a sensual homecoming, outfitting the entire scene … bed linens, 10 pillows, various and sundry designer pillow cases, candle holders and candles, candy, plush toys, and scantily-clad underthings .. 295 more words

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An interview with the former Victoria Secret model Kylie Bisutti

Note: This short interview was published in 2013 on my former blog, and was translated to French. Three years after deleting my blog, I just rediscovered this interview with the former Victoria Secret’s model Kylie Bisutti, who left her career to follow Christ. 866 more words

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'Last Face' At Cannes: Worst Reviews, Hottest Red Carpet [PHOTOS]

The Last Face is easily the most hated movie of the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. That didn’t keep the flick from bringing in the fest’s sexiest red carpet! 255 more words


Whats in my bag - Summer edition

I am officially in summer mode so be prepared for lots of summer related posts!

This summer I to got a rucksack and chose this cream and brown one from Accessorize: 150 more words


Happy Hump-Day!!!

Recently we didn’t have a good weather, but I am so ready for summer and I refuse to put warm jacket or boots… 167 more words

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Where's the inbetween?

A lot has changed since the Renaissance period to the end of 1800’s where women were considered beautiful and sexy if they were ‘curvy’, large hips and breasts were signs of fertility. 606 more words

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Hump Day is no longer a Secret!

Vita Sidorkina is the 22-year-old model from Russia who is showing off the new Victoria Secret summer swimwear in Miami Beach this week. Though I am fan of Triangl bathing suits for women, Vita is definitely making this Wednesday a HUMP day indeed for those in favor of VS.