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Victoria's Secret Tester Tableau of Fragrances

Moody dramatic lighting brings out the best in this backlit tableau of testers for fragrances at Victoria’s Secret.  The island walk-around draws you to follow the breadcrumb trail of tester bottles whose shapes and colors entice. 382 more words

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Victoria's Secret Reward Metronome in Motion

Victioria’s Secret offers weekly surprises and a Secret Reward up to $500 off. But to the uninitiated like me, the promotion makes little sense. I know something is in the works, but what? 431 more words

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Victoria’s Secret Bowl with Shelf-Edge Mount

Seen here on a glass shelf, this declined bowl can serve double duty clipped on a Solid Shelf edge. The clip helps keep the bowl in place, faced, and forward for ease of shopping. 442 more words

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The lingerie that needs a bodyguard! diamond encrusted Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra... that comes with a $2m price tag

They are worth $2m (£1.3m), contain 16,000 precious jewels and are held together with 18k gold  -so it’s no wonder bodyguards have been drafted in to keep an eye on the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy bras this week.   380 more words

What's FUZZing???

Spaghetti is the latest big fashion trend, apparently

Spaghetti is having a serious moment.

In between photoshopping the butts out of photos, the good people over at Victoria’s Secret are dedicating their time to celebrating spaghetti. 466 more words



I got your attention!

I can hear you:

You did what?

I flashed a girl.

To Whom?

That’s a secret.

And she liked it?

She was laughing so darn hard; I am pretty sure she liked it.  500 more words

Victoria’s Secret® Arm for Shopping Totes

I track shopping bag, cart and tote amenities across retail.  I sought to add this Victoria’s Secrets tote offering generally, but now find it employs a curious enclosed arm… 444 more words

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