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Costume Analysis: Victoria (TV Show)

I discovered the most AWESOME show last night when I watched the premiere of Victoria on PBS! As you can probably guess, it is a show that pretty accurately follows the life of Queen Victoria. 770 more words

The 19th Century Confidence Man – Mimi Matthews

Though tricksters and con artists have existed throughout history, the 19th century confidence man was a creature that many Victorians considered to be uniquely American.  Not a thief in the tradit… 15 more words

19th Century


A twofer Saturday:

Gotta respect and admire the way women are stepping up and holding Trump’s feet to the fire.

On another related note the second link speaks to the profound ignorance and sense of self importance Trump displays that is beyond description – he’ll be trotting Sallyanne out now with a bucket and broom to clean up. 81 more words

Life Below Stairs: Non-Existent Legal Redress

Was there legal redress for the servants of Victorian households?  Although there was genuine concern for the conditions in which many of the servants operated, most claimed it was impossible to make laws to protect domestic servants. 631 more words

British History

Nineteenth-Century Slums

Following the Industrial Revolution, many families saw themselves relocating into large, mechanized cities in order to find new employment and opportunities. Family-run businesses could no longer compete with the technology and machinery developed in the industrialized cities, meaning that many families saw no option other than to move, or else risk starvation and death. 236 more words


Elementary Beats

New year, new ideas, new new. Sherlock and Watson at the turntables. Elementary Beats, my dear Dr. Watson.


Book Review: A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess

A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess

Henrietta Howel can set herself on fire. Along with all the other problems brought on with self immolation is one unfortunate fact: women in Victorian England aren’t allowed to do magic. 326 more words