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Black Butler Live Action

Grade: B+

What it’s about:

The story is set in the year over 2020 in an Asian city where Western and Eastern cultures blend together. A young woman named Shiori Genpou now runs the Phantomhive family. 540 more words

Black Butler Live Action

Victorian era freakshows

Another aspect of the Victorian Era that attracted my attention when I started to learn about that time.

Freak shows were a particularly popular form of entertainment during the Victorian period. 3,026 more words


How to Punk Your Steam: Make it Playable

For many, the joy of Steampunk is the ability to leave your everyday world behind. You can do this by attending conventions, like the Steampunk Symposium… 1,203 more words


Bootylicious Bustles

Long before Kim Kardashian attempted to #breaktheinternet with her bountiful backside and Beyonce wondered whether we were ready for this jelly, the female posterior in its most exaggerated form had already basked in the cultural spotlight, thanks to the Victorians. 1,053 more words

My Infatuation With The Brontës

Hello, I finished book #15 of the year and I’m pretty excited about it. I read Wuthering Heights, by Emily Brontë. I really thought I had read this before but had pretty much no recollection of anything while I was reading it, so I think I confused  786 more words