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Candle Power

“Fairy lamps” made Victorian and Edwardian homes glow with light, and set the mood for a flickering romance at the dining table.

These were small decorative lamps, fueled by a squat tallow candle, set into a glass or porcelain cup, which, in turn, was covered with a glass dome, writes Brian Coleman in the February–March, 2001 issue of Old House Interiors. 


Fern Hunts

You may wonder how the Victorians entertained themselves before the invention of radio and television. Why, fern hunting, of course!

Victorians were obsessed with ferns. Up until the nineteenth century, ferns were rare in England. 73 more words

Portraying the American Civil War

The images synonymous with the American Civil War range from Lincoln’s somber, pale face, to a row of young serious men in grey or blue uniform, to the fictional, beautiful and worried face of Scarlett O’Hara. 183 more words


Ghosts as Big Business: a Steampunk Feminist Perspective

Just as vampires and zombies are big business at the moment, ghosts were popular everywhere in the Victorian era. A sure sign of their popularity is that Dickens climbed onto the money wagon with his own ghost story… 269 more words

By Gaslight

By Gaslight by Steven Price (Historical Fiction, Mystery)

This book does a superb job of transporting the reader to gas-lit Victorian London and post-Civil War U.S.A., as well as the diamond mines of South Africa. 274 more words

Book Review

"The Moreau Witches Pt. 3" by Alexis Chateau

The Beginning of Scandal

Lady Anglais was an infamous woman of five and thirty.

Seventeen years prior, she had appeared in town, well-dressed, well-loved, and well-sought after. 1,961 more words


The Apprentice of Split Crow Lane – Jane Housham

When I saw that this book was going to be published on 3 November 2016 way back in August my interest was piqued and I took the bold step of telling the publishers riverrun so, they in turn kindly supplied me with copy. 737 more words

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