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Cycling Sources #8 'Women on Wheels'

Why did exactly did women take to cycling in the 1890s? Was it just for the pleasures and liberation which accompanied riding a bicycle, or were there other factors which pushed them to take up the pastime? 1,165 more words


Dark Fashion In Film & TV : Penny Dreadful - Vanessa Ives

To be beautiful is to be almost dead, isn’t it?  – Vanessa Ives

I have been dying to write about Penny Dreadful for ages, and am so excited about revealing my passion for the show and the fashion choices of my favourite character. 341 more words


Creative Influences: Victorian Paper Dolls

There are a few topics where you can pinpoint the exact moment that you became interested in it.  For whatever reason, it makes an impression on you that sticks.   356 more words


1850-1860s Blouse/Waist - Inspiration

This summer I will attend at least one (may be as many as three) mid 19th century events, and I’ve been molding over what to wear. 103 more words

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