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Victorian Era Fashion | 1840-1855

As you may or may not have noticed I read too many historical romances. And being a reader you tend to develop a sort of attachment to what you are reading about. 509 more words


Bath Fashion Museum Trip

Happy Sunday everyone – I hope you’ve had a fab weekend. Today I visited the Bath Fashion Museum and had a right hoot dressing up in Victorian clothes. 237 more words

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The Fashion of Steampunk - Day No. 26

So yesterday was all about steampunk in the general sense, but today is the real reason I love steampunk. The clothing. Can a get a group choir angelic ‘Ahhhhhh’?  333 more words


Rockin' The Steampunk - Day No. 25


[ˈstēmˌpəNGk] NOUN

  1. a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology:

    “if you like steampunk, this is a great book for you”

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November: A Month of Fashion


This month I will be focusing on a month of Fashion. November will contain a variety of Fashion related Blog Posts from sale searching to posting pictures of some of my lovely friends, a number of A/W different styles or creating Celebrities looks. 279 more words


Fashion Moments - Bifurcated Skirt

Welcome to my weekly fashion blog post. Each week I will discuss a female garment, fashion trend or influencer from the age of photography (1840s through the 20th century). 478 more words