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Fireplace Restoration - project #1

When I viewed this property I was SO excited about starting this room, I had a vision in mind as soon as I entered the room and it started with restoring the fireplace. 147 more words


Maryland 2018 - More of Day 5

This was the first part of my last day in Maryland. I stopped along parts of the C & O Canal on my way…           …to Cumberland where I finally found parking away from the touristy city center and I walked …     …to the Visitor Center. 383 more words

Lead: A ghost of the past, still haunting us today

KNOW THIS: Lead is still a health risk, especially for women and children

WHY? It’s found in most houses built pre-1970, as well as old toys… 842 more words


Robert Street

South Facing on Robert Street from Bloor Street West 

This is one of my favourite streets to walk down in Toronto. If you have me on Snapchat, this is the street from which I usually record my walking vlogs. 37 more words


A little chaos...

Whilst this blog focuses on our travels with the aim being to share our travelling experiences with our family and friends I thought I would update you on something closer to home and a little less exotic.  1,309 more words

My house makes me sick #humor #decorating #mother #SundayBlogShare

“Is your house done?” Everywhere I go, people ask me some variation of this question. Nobody actually wants the details of exploded plumbing, fire-hazard wiring, and unwelcome intruders of the fauna persuasion. 2,203 more words