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"Welcome Spring" Leaf and Trellis Shawl!

Did you ladies know I lived in a dorm? Did you know that it makes taking photos of my work REALLY hard? Well…it is.

Most days I’m really ambitious about it. 724 more words


You Win Some and You Tink Some

The win: the afternoon tea shawl has the ends woven in and has been blocked. It is gorgeous and would be perfect if it was a little bigger. 948 more words


Long Timey No Bloggey

Sorry folks, I have been working a lot latelywhich is good – but that has left me little time and enthusiasm for blogging, which requires, or course, even more writing and more sitting in front of a computer. 479 more words


The Shawl - Photos!!

Well, the shawl is done, and here are the photos! I am planning to enter it into the Champlain Valley Fair – please let me know what you think! 12 more words

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Ladies and Gentlemen….at 1:06 this morning…..the shawl is completed.

I am in a sleep- and food-deprived daze…I have been knitting for 12 hours straight today, my homework is not submitted, and I have to be up at 6:00am (that’s five hours from now, for those of my readership who were not blessed with stellar math skills.) But the shawl is made. 122 more words

The Tale of the Lost Shawl

I have been graduated for exactly four weeks now, and so far, it’s…alright. I had a lovely two-week vacation from work, which caused me to decide that my new goal in life is to become rich enough to not have to work anymore (Brandon: wow babe, that’s a really original life goal. 1,445 more words