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Bohemian Rhapsody

I woke up with an image of this gorgeous blouse that was some kind of cross between hippie and Victorian. I couldn’t quite capture it, but I’m going to keep trying. 38 more words



Research can be a thread that starts in one place and leads in a labyrinthine wondering, often ending in a completely unintended destination. I was immersed in research for the next book in my Christmastime series (1944), and briefly stepped out of the WWII frame of mind to search out one tiny detail about WWI. 833 more words

Victorian Doctors Thought Reading Novels Made Women Incurably Insane

Relevant to our Victorian contexts discussions yesterday! Click on the image below to read the article!


And We're Back (with Recommendations!)

Hey all, sorry for the hiatus! About three months ago, I wrapped up my final semester of college (which was a whirlwind of teaching sixth graders and researching… 840 more words

Science Fiction

Old and New: The Singer 28K

I’ve been curled up in a ball shivering most of the day as I’m not too well, but my partner was kind enough to go and collect my new sewing machine! 680 more words


Victorian Weapons

During the 19th century, swords became less used on the battle field, having being replaced by firearms. However, some swords were still used during this period such as the Gothic Hilted British Infantry Swords and the Short Swords, to name a few. 689 more words