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I’m going to be extremely honest for a second. A few years ago, I hit the rock bottom moment of my faith. What made it rock bottom was that I was allowing Satan to take the reign of my thoughts and my feelings and it caused me to feel worthless, secluded, and unnecessary. 750 more words

Is A ‘Victorious’ Reunion Coming? Liz Gillies Reveals Whether Or Not It Could Happen

Is it finally happening? Are we actually getting the long overdue ‘Victorious’ reunion? Liz Gillies revealed whether or not there’s a chance — and how the rest of the cast, including Ariana Grande, feels about it. 280 more words


Gone Fishin’

The band’s gonna give it to you, yes they are. If you don’t believe it just come round to where they hang. It’s one of my favorites as I walk that keeps a good pace. 328 more words

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The Sons Of God

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

The sons of God, have Christ’s POWER, AUTHORITY, AND DOMINION within. So don’t stress it, take authority over it, and IT WILL CHANGE! 61 more words


Recognizing the Enemy

For Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14).

In one of Priscilla Shirer’s studies she notes that there are two mistakes that we make concerning the enemy. 176 more words

Goku Has A New Form In Dragon Ball Super

(Source: kotaku.com)

In the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super, Goku gets a new form. Here it is.

The Japanese name for this form is “Migatte no Gokui” (身勝手の極意), which means, “The Key of Egoism,” but the official English name is… 111 more words


The Portuguese Men of War

we packed our bags
for the coastal assault
armed with lunch
sticks and dogs
the word was out
no doubt about it
a 21st century armada… 46 more words