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Refinishing the VV260 Part III: The final chapter

Let’s put it back together!

Before we delve into the final steps and the results, if you missed Part I, click here. If you want to see Part II, click… 423 more words

Refinishing the Victrola VV260 Part II

Okay, if you missed part I, click here!

So now that the stripping is complete, and with the help of camera magic, we moved on to painting and staining. 671 more words


1958 RCA "Living Stereo" Promotional Film (A brief post)

In honor of tomorrow’s “Record Store Day” event, here is this 1958 RCA promotional film on “Living Stereo,” produced by The Jam Handy Organization (and is available at the Internet Archive). 73 more words

All you need is love: Save it Don't Scrap it!

I saw it on Pintrest!

I know many of you out there have heard of the all-encompassing Pintrest. If you don’t use it, odds are your wife, girlfriend, mother or one of friends does. 940 more words


Priority Pause

My great-grandmother, with whom I was privileged to grow up as just another part of the extended family, traveled in the Midwest via covered wagon as a younger woman, and lived to visit relatives in Florida…by airplane. 500 more words

Mom For Hire

78 RPM

two am
the night plays
in acapella
to the speed
of a 78 rpm
victrola moon

three am
the needle
hits a crater scratch… 18 more words


Victrola Coffee - Rwanda Gakenke

Victrola Coffee – Rwanda Gakenke Hinga Kawa Women’s Coop

Importer’s Notes:

The Abakundakawa (“Those Who Love Coffee”) Rushashi coffee cooperative, located in the northern mountainous region of the district of Gakenke is situated at an altitude of 1700-1900 meters and encompasses five distinct zones. 224 more words