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Tuberculosis Continues to Ravage the Family: The Children of Fanny Wiler and Clara Wiler

In 1910, the three sons of Fanny Wiler were still living with their father Joseph Levy and stepmother Bella Strouse Levy as well as their half-sister Miriam, who had married Albert Hanff.  3,335 more words


Arthur Fields: "How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm" (1919)

I have a fully functional 1903 Victrola record player that once belonged to my grandfather. Family lore has it that he found it in an old barn in upstate New York and refurbished it himself. 228 more words

Arthur Fields

An Antique story

One of my favorite antiques is a Victrola that was my Grandpa’s. It came to me through my Mom. You know, the word “Victrola” is not even in the dictionary any more. 509 more words

Stagette weekend

One of the most amazing weekends of my life was September 20th, my cousin/friend, Katie, and friend-for-forever, Tara, threw me some amazing parties.  There was help from a lot of other ladies as well (namely Emily, Luisa, Lauren), but I’m gonna avoid the grammy’s thank you speech and just fill your eyes with the amazingness that it was. 462 more words

The American Road Trip • Part II

 OUR WORK DONE, THE 6′ X 12′ U-Haul trailer safely delivered, unloaded, and returned, the American Road Trip continues northward, a streak of joyous abandon.  No timetable, almost.   212 more words

Product Review

Collectibles: Phonograph Needle Tins


I just bought a 100-year old wind-up Victrola gramophone. It plays old 78 rpm records and needs no electricity: just wind it up with a few turns on the crank, drop a 100 year-old record like ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary’ on the platter, and gently drop the heavy tone-arm (or ‘reproducer’ as it was called then) on to the disc. 603 more words