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Travel Log: Music to My Ears

(Jan. 24, 2018) Delaware is a wonderful example of that maxim stating even smallest of places can be found to harbor the greatest of treasures…if one will only take a moment to shine some light on them. 1,388 more words

Christmas ad of the day

Forget cd, streaming, eight track, and cassette tape. Here for your listening pleasure is

the newest technology in 1916.

Victrola. Listen to your 78’s in the comfort of your own home with a new Victrola.


Jingle Bells Wars

The problem with big cultural touchstones is that people usually don’t recognize that they’re a “BIG CULTURAL TOUCHSTONE” until after they’ve had a chance to percolate through popular culture for a couple of decades. 1,003 more words


Page 6, The Victrola

We were the first family in town to have a Victrola (hand crank.)  I remember as a little girl, Pop buying it for Mom one Christmas and he had to bring it from the train station on a sleigh. 140 more words


Top Five Seattle Coffee Shops

If you didn’t already know, people in Seattle tend to be obsessed with this drink you may have heard of, coffee. With over 1,500 coffee shops in the city, there can be an awful lot to choose from. 681 more words


"His Master's Voice"

My grandparents had a large 78rpm record collection. Grannie liked classical music, so her favorites were symphonies. In fact, after they retired to Chicago, Grannie had a subscription to the Chicago Symphony. 304 more words