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How Sweet It Is! Time for Vidalia Onions.

Friday, April 20 is the release date for the 2018 new crop of Vidalia Onions, so Produce Buzz takes this opportunity to peel back some of the layers of this flavorful, bulbous veggie. 1,346 more words

Health Benefits Of Fresh Produce

The Lowly Onion

Consider the lowly onion. Abhorred by many, ignored by many more, and yet considered essential by chefs and epicures.

I hated onions as a child. 261 more words


It's all in the details

I have a Dear Husband (DH, for short) who is caring, considerate, and he makes me laugh. Frequently. We have a pretty good division of labor in our household: in general, he’ll clean the house and pay the bills and I’ll shop & cook and do the laundry & ironing (don’t judge…it works for us). 1,126 more words


Vegan sweet potato and caramelized onion toast

One aspect of being a vegan that I enjoy tremendously is discovering foods that are new to me. I’m also having a good time finding new ways to enjoy old favorites like sweet potatoes. 239 more words

Sweet Onions

Boca Burger in a different way

I started eating Boca Burgers years before I became a vegan. I just like the taste of them so I ate them. I forgot to buy hamburger buns yesterday, so I decided to use honey wheat sandwich bread but treated it all like a grilled cheese sandwich! 210 more words


When someone gives you bad tomatoes . .

I bought some cherry tomatoes for salads, but they didn’t taste very good and only made it into one salad. I knew they would never make it into another one and would end up spoiling, so I decided to roast them using my favorite seasonings such as pink Himalayan sea salt, basil and onion powder at 450 degrees for 20 minutes. 102 more words

Sweet Onions

Crowd, the Grill | It's the Fourth of July!

Schwartz family fun!

Having people over and cooking for them is one of the joys of any holiday. When it’s all American, like Fourth of July, smoke and fire is a requisite no matter what your rig.   473 more words

Chef Michael Schwartz