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True North

After months of really hard stuff, we were finally free to head true north and spend the rest of the summer at our new RV site that my son Corey constructed for us at his property in Whitney Point, NY.  200 more words

RV Adventure

Compelling Explanations

So, it turns out Phil does not like being in this study. As you can see, my neutrophils decided to take a nosedive shortly after I started the Vidaza on 7/8. 279 more words

Bone Marrow Transplant Experience

Prayer, Science, and Pointy Things

Well, I’m glad to say that I continue to do well medically, and I really appreciate that all the more because two very special people I know (including one who had been in a remission that raised hopes he might be out of the woods) have gotten bad news in their own battles with cancer. 714 more words

My Story

Drumroll please...

Well, I got my bone marrow biopsy on Thursday (along with a bunch of other tests), and sister who’s donating to me got a bunch of tests. 145 more words

My Story

My small bit to fight individual obsessiveness/national medical costs

Although, as I’ve mentioned here and to anyone who’s asked me how I’m doing for the last five months (and a lot of people who haven’t), I’m pretty obsessed with my blood counts. 299 more words

My Story

Transplant, probably. Sushi, probably not.

Well, yesterday I talked to an MDS specialist at Hopkins (whom I do not have the energy to give a snarky nickname), and got moderately encouraging news. 486 more words

My Story

How'd ya like *those* data?

I love data–it’s fun to hunt down patterns in them. (Yes, “data” is a plural noun–this notice brought to you by the Rear Guard Linguistic Change Resistance League). 459 more words

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