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The Silenced Population: A Sneak Peek at the Deaf Community Around Us

According to studies, Boston is definitely a diverse city with population from every aspect But among the different races and people that have different educational backgrounds, there is a certain group of people that are seemingly always silent—the deaf and hard of hearing community. 460 more words



Following the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Oct 1st, the debate over gun control has been brought up again within the American society. On Thursday, Oct 5th, the National Rifle Association published a  196 more words


Invited Talk on Student Video Projects

I will be presenting at a workshop through the Georgia Tech Library about video assignments on November 14. If you would like to attend, please follow the link to register (lunch is provided!)

Website and registration


Are you too good for your home ball?

For my second video assignment I made a compilation of some of my favorite Adam Sandler scenes. The assignment was to make highlight reel of scenes from my favorite actor, and I decided to do Adam Sandler. 252 more words

Kelly Oubre Jr. is the G.O.A.T.

For my first video assignment I completed this week, I made a sports highlight reel of my favorite player in the NBA, Kelly Oubre Jr. of the Washington Wizards. 527 more words

This video was a 60 second video made of clips from others. I downloaded and clipped images to fit the 60 second window. I made this video in adobe. 24 more words

Video Assignments

Different angles video

This video was made as an assignment to show different kinds of cuts and angles in filming. I had to find examples from different movies and the trim them and add text. 14 more words

Video Assignments