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Are you too good for your home ball?

For my second video assignment I made a compilation of some of my favorite Adam Sandler scenes. The assignment was to make highlight reel of scenes from my favorite actor, and I decided to do Adam Sandler. 252 more words

Kelly Oubre Jr. is the G.O.A.T.

For my first video assignment I completed this week, I made a sports highlight reel of my favorite player in the NBA, Kelly Oubre Jr. of the Washington Wizards. 527 more words

This video was a 60 second video made of clips from others. I downloaded and clipped images to fit the 60 second window. I made this video in adobe. 24 more words

Video Assignments

Different angles video

This video was made as an assignment to show different kinds of cuts and angles in filming. I had to find examples from different movies and the trim them and add text. 14 more words

Video Assignments

60 second final cut

This was a video made of other videos. I downloaded youtube videos clipped them to only keep the parts i wanted. I then added music timed it to go with the music. 34 more words

Video Assignments

Doritos Commercial

This was a video i created with a group meant to sell Doritos.  We edited in final cut and spent a day filming throughout our school. 27 more words

Video Assignments