Community Neighbourhood Stories: Laughing Bean

Another exciting visit to one of local businesses in the Hastings-Sunrise Neighbourhood area of Vancouver. We’ve made an appointment to interview Rebecca and Wayne, owners of Laughing Bean Coffee Shop. 565 more words


The Carnival Band at the Harvest Festival

We are always excited to see the Carnival Band with their entertaining music and funky outfits. The band performed for us at the Harvest Festival again this year and celebrated with us our final day for “Frogs in the Park” at Clinton Park.


Vegetable Contest at the Harvest Festival

Another amazing year at the Harvest Festival and it was our last day at “Frogs in the Park” on Thursday, September 1st. Unfortunately, the rain didn’t hold up halfway through the event and it poured on us quite a bit. 25 more words


Frogs In the Park Circle Time Singing Itsy Bitsy Spider

At Clinton Park….

…sing with us…

In the neighbourhood? Have a ukulele? Join us!

Clinton Park

Jenny Kwan Attends our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

We had a special guest (Jenny Kwan, MLA, NDP, Vancouver East) who attended our Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. She gave us a brief speech and thanked staff and volunteers for their work. 29 more words