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व्हॉट्सएप वीडियो कॉलिंग से युवक परेशान, कहा- गर्लफ्रेंड से झूठ बोलने में होगी दिक्कत

एजेंसी. व्हॉट्सएप एक ऐसा ऐप है, जिसके बिना आज के ज़माने में काम नहीं चलता। चाहे 14 साल की रिया हो या घर में काम करने वाली बाई, व्हॉट्सएप सबकी ज़रुरत बन चुका है। व्हॉट्सएप नेे कुछ दिन पहले ही एक नया फीचर एड किया है -वीडियो कॉलिंग। वीडियो कॉलिंग की मदद से आप जब चाहे बात करने वाले का चेहरा देख सकते हैं। इस अपडेट से जहाँ बाकी दुनिया काफी खुश है वहीं दिल्ली में रहने वाला आदित्य बहुत परेशान है। 9 more words

Updated: Enhanced Group Chat and Other New Features in Latest BBM Enterprise Update

A new release of the BBM Enterprise application is now available for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry 10. We continue to focus on making BBM Enterprise… 275 more words

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Amazon is rekindling the landline

Today, Amazon unveiled a new version of the Echo, called the Show, which adds a tablet screen to its line of smart speakers. The new device can make video calls through a small camera above the screen, and anyone who downloads the Amazon Alexa app can message or call anyone with a Show. 406 more words

Google adds audio-only calls to Duo, file sharing to Allo

Google said on Wednesday it would offer an audio-only option on its Duo video calls service to help users communicate using poor-quality connections, and was adding a feature to permit file sharing in group chats on its Allo messaging App. 279 more words

Google Duo audio calling now available worldwide

In March, Google announced it was beginning to roll out support for audio-only calling in its FaceTime and Whatsapp competitor, Duo, which had previously focused on video calls. 431 more words


What's WhatsApp?

What’s WhatsApp and why do I care? Well in short WhatsApp is a phone application that lets you text, send voice clips, or call (voice or video) for free using Wifi or your paid mobile data. 258 more words

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Best video-chatting apps for Android

Staying in touch with your loved ones living far away is no more a hassle. Advancement in  technology has brought people closer through various channels of communication. 735 more words