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​MediaTek has announced its collaboration with Ericsson to make Long-Term Evolution-Advanced features available in mainstream mobile devices.

According to MediaTek, the partnership will ensure the affordability of devices that support the LTE-Advanced technology to consumers across the region. 325 more words


WhatsApp: Video Calling Feature Announced for Everyone

There are a ton of apps which let you do a video call, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, Viber are a few of them. But the most popular text messaging app WhatsApp is still with audio calling feature only and users are more than eager to have a video call feature. 292 more words


Deciding Your Child’s Digital Diet

Today, the world is emotionally connected and work –driven through technology and using the internet and digital apps has become the way we communicate. Here’s how you can help your child be net-savvy and yet enjoy playing with toys and games as he shares many innocent moments of childhood with friends. 508 more words


Google released 1-to-1 video calling app that promises to be promising!

As per Google’s Official Blog, Google released Google Duo. a simple 1-to-1 video calling app.

Here are key features of Google Duo:

1. No separate account required, all you need is a phone number. 62 more words



We went to the store and lucked out with one of these!

I have to make sure to move Lali’s legs around because they are so chunky that the circulation gets cut off when she sits in her carrier. 481 more words

Blighthouse Trouble

Of course, my titling this piece “Blighthouse Trouble” instead of the actual company name, “Brighthouse,” as in networks, will obscure it from Internet searches; however, we had a blight in our house on the network and it took Blighthouse far too long to eradicate the problem. 1,562 more words

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