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The iMac saga has a happy ending

I finally got a message from the Apple Store that my iMac was ready to be picked up. I called them up to find out what they did and how much is cost. 471 more words


Should I Upgrade or Buy a New Computer?

Well, it depends – mostly on who you’re asking! A department store salesman will always recommend a new one, but when you get down to the nitty gritty with a trained technician, you’ll often discover you have more (and cheaper) options than you thought. 495 more words

Building a Retro Gaming Rig – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I took a close look at the Asus P2B slot-1 motherboard and some CPU options. Today, the focus will be on graphics cards. 1,271 more words

PC Hardware

When Good Parts Go Bad!


Okay, so on Monday I published my article ‘No Posts‘ to inform everyone of some equipment trouble that befell my computer.

I notified everyone that I had to restore my computer to operational status prior to resuming my blogging activities. 1,127 more words


Video Card

Graphics processing units, or video cards, are for computers that handle heavy image processing in video games and 3-D rendering software. A new video card can boost the graphics processing ability, allowing you to play the latest games or use your computer as a high-definition entertainment center with your HDTV.

I may be gone awhile...

At this point I don’t like updating my blog from my phone, but my laptop appears to be dying (video card issues) and may not be usable in the future. 60 more words