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Skype Classes

Online classes available over Skype (username: EcoloClasses)

Pre-paid Classes

At the beginning of a month, you can pay for a package of 4, 8 or 16 classes… 160 more words

Types Of Classes

Power of Receiving Workshop and Classes

A Revolutionary Approach to Achieving Your  Goals

 with Amanda Owen

Author of The Power of Receiving and Born to Receive


Are you ready to make 2018 a fabulous, successful year? 611 more words

Amanda Owen

The Future of Filmmaking

This video is about telling people how filming industry work. And step by step this documentary video also can guide people dream as a film making .A lot of podcasts help people now or in the future. 55 more words

Film Making

Camera Camera

I would be talking about why camera is important to time. Camera is a item that people don’t realize how important it is if you think about it. 74 more words

Film Making

Scripts of Film

I would be talking about why scripts is important to people and films and scripts shows people how and what to do with things.everyone in the world is using scripts not just the film industry. 118 more words

Film Making


I personally love youtube because its free and it’s a learning progress in the internet.

Youtubing is one of a popular video sharing network in the internet because not just people in the film industry can use it. 87 more words

Film Making

Edit Life

I would be talking about why I like editing my films and why is it important to edit films. Editing is a big part of filming it help to make it look better and make it more entertaining to people. 172 more words

Film Making