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Game 90

Can the Dolphins put together a time-consuming drive to put this game away?

APBA Football

Game 87

Baltimore has the ball at the Kansas City 25, can they score a touchdown to tie the game or will they have to settle for a field goal attempt. 36 more words

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Game 80

Pittsburgh face a 3rd and one (situational down) from the Cincinnati 13-yard line, can they convert and punch it into the end zone to put this game away?

Video Demos

APBA Football Tutorial 3.1

“In Search of the Perfect Replay” is my motto. Now, my interpretation of a perfect replay has evolved over the years but the one constant is statistical accuracy. 213 more words

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It was over when....

Final play of the game, can Jason Elam kick the game-winning 43-yard field goal?

APBA Football

Game 68

Second quarter action in a game between the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos.  Oakland has the ball with a first and 10 at the Denver 43, can they put in into the end zone?  12 more words

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Final Minutes

The video begins with Detroit facing a third down and 12 with just over three minutes remaining and protecting a two-point lead.  Can Gus Frerotte convert this third and long or will it fall on the Detroit defense? 110 more words

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