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The Treasure Hunt-Happy Learning Moments III-Video

The Treasure Hunt-Happy Learning Moments III-Video
Winter Camp-Day 7-The Frozen Fantasy

Learning Activity

Wired - The Game

A game to teach teenagers about electricity.

This is a “vertical slice” of the game I am currently developing at the Cambridge University Engineering Department to teach teenagers about electricity. 51 more words

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Educational gameplay prototypes

As part of the process for making Wired, I worked with some students over the summer to create a load of gameplay prototypes.

Nearly all of these games took one person 2 weeks to make (though a couple took longer). 46 more words

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Code Club - Scratch

I ran a Code Club at a local primary school. This is an after school club which teaches kids how to program computers.

I mainly used Scratch, which is a great environment for beginners. 26 more words

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I worked on a number of camera-based games for Playstation during my ten years at Sony.

This video demonstrate the book tracker my team developed. The player holds a real cardboard book in their hands while the PlayStation camera looks at them. 124 more words

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SLAM stands for Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping. This was a system my team at Sony developed for mobile gaming devices. You look around an environment with the camera and it builds a 3D map. 65 more words

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