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'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Star Tom Holland Swings In To Play Nathan Drake In The 'Uncharted' Prequel

Remember back to when Guardians of the Galaxy hit theaters in 2014 and suddenly Chris Pratt was everywhere? The actor was charming, funny, and ruggedly good-looking. 267 more words


Ace Attorney (2012) - The Best Example of a Costumed Ball in the Courtroom

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is one of the more predominant visual novel adventure game series in gaming. The iconic poses, the objections, the distinct character designs and the over the top reactions, there is no way one who has come across such a series can really forget it especially when it has entered the pop culture space with memes and gathered quite the following outside of Japan. 1,576 more words


Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva - The Gentleman Indiana Jones

The Great Detective is an archetype often found in classical mystery literature. Edgar Allen Poe’s Dupin, Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, G.K. Chesterton’s Father Brown are the few that pop into one’s mind when the topic comes up. 1,823 more words


Gears of War live-action film adaptation is on the way

The ultra-successful Gears of War game franchise is known for the intensity of its gameplay, the distinctiveness of its graphics, and its abundance of alien guts and gore. 160 more words


BW's Morning Article Link: A New Mega Man Cartoon

Everybody’s favorite Super Fighting Robot is getting his second animated series. (Third if you count the educational OVA Upon A Star.) ICv2 is reporting on the new… 71 more words

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"Yesterday's" Comic> NiGHTS Into Dreams #5

NiGHTS Into Dreams #5

Archie Comics (September, 1998)

“Reala’s Wrath”

WRITER: Karl Bollers

BREAKDOWNS: Patrick Spaziante

FINISHES: Sam Maxwell

INKER: Harvey Mercadoocasio

COLORIST: Frank Gagliardo… 258 more words

Yesterday's Comics

"Yesterday's" Comic> NiGHTS Into Dreams #4

I wrote #3 as the last issue because I thought this was a new miniseries. Well, it isn’t. The story continues into #4. I’ve since updated that. 404 more words

Yesterday's Comics