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ARMS is Confirmed to Appear as a Tournament Game at EVO Japan 2018

The biggest name in fighting game tournaments is heading to Japan in 2018 and they’re taking Nintendo’s latest fighter with them. Alongside of the likes of… 104 more words

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"I Don't Let Men Control Me": Gender and Sexuality in NieR:Automata

I’m going to provide a short feminist critique on a video game.

On the Internet.

God help me.

As some of you may be aware, video games have a rather complicated relationship with issues of gender and sexuality. 1,671 more words

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My 5 Favourite Characters in Fighting Games

Character choice means everything in a fighting game. It’s about the moves that your character has. The strengths and weaknesses they have. Their look. Their back story. 522 more words

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The ARMS Struggle is Real

During the Global Testpunch, I thought ARMS was going to be a walk in the park. I was throwing hands like Kimbo Slice, dropping almost every opponent in sight while collecting 100+ coins during each hourly interval. 640 more words

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ARMS and the Continued Miseducation of Fighting Game Players

I am currently smitten with ARMS. Nintendo’s newest title is a novel take on the fighting game that is one of the most accessible fighters in quite some time. 1,159 more words

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5 Great Games Left Off the Super Nintendo Classic

The Super Nintendo Classic is launching with a bevy of timeless classics. It will be well worth the suggested retail price upon it’s release in September. 381 more words

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#TMSHARE- Working to Find Each Other!

As previously stated [Twitter thread], Thumbstick Mafia will never be spam/repost account where we just tweet links to various channels from Twitch, Youtube, Mixer,  ::insert your favorite platform:: We want to provide a space where people can truly find content creators that they can rock with, become fans of and possibly support. 627 more words