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So...let's talk about EA and Star Wars Battlefront II

For a while there, EA seemed to have players fooled into thinking that it would right the wrongs of its previous efforts. They were incorporating a single player campaign into… 551 more words

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This Narrative About ARMS Being a Flop Needs to Stop

I’ll be the first to admit that I like ARMS more than most. It dominated my summer as I fought my way up to the highest ranks, and… 879 more words

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Capcom's Comedy of Fighting Game Missteps

I consider myself to be a massive fan of Capcom fighting games. I’ve poured in thousands of hours into everything they’ve put out since Street Fighter IV… 813 more words

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Super NES Classic Review

The NES Classic is a novelty time capsule of gaming during the 1980s. Yes, there are some all-time classics on there, but most of those games haven’t aged well. 813 more words

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Super NES Classic Live Stream

Going over the functionality of the console while playing a few amazing games!

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Super Nintendo Essays: Timeless

The Super Nintendo Essays is a series of posts detailing my history with and passion for the SNES. It had a profound effect on my life as a gamer, and I wanted to share some of my most memorable stories about it with you! 463 more words

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