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A brief article about social justice and gaming

A topic that I don’t find fun to revisit but I feel it must be discussed. 1,237 more words


My Game of the Year for 2017 is...

Game of the year is a weird award for an individual person to reward. Who am I, as one man, to make a bold declaration on which one of the thousands of video games is the best? 303 more words

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Gaming in the Suburbs

After six years of living in the city, my wife and I have moved into a house in the suburbs. It’s a major life accomplishment for us that goes well beyond the world of gaming. 344 more words

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Biggest Game Surprise of 2017

2017 has certainly been an eventful one for the video game industry. From Nintendo’s resurrection off the strength of the Nintendo Switch, to the franchise-crushing disappointment of… 276 more words

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What Seven Games Will Make It To EVO 2018?

Evo 2018. 7 games. Tell me what makes the cut! #Evo2018

— Joey Cuellar (@MrWiz) November 27, 2017

Joey Cuellar, one of the head organizers of EVO, has come out and said that there will be seven games at EVO this year.

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So...let's talk about EA and Star Wars Battlefront II

For a while there, EA seemed to have players fooled into thinking that it would right the wrongs of its previous efforts. They were incorporating a single player campaign into… 551 more words

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This Narrative About ARMS Being a Flop Needs to Stop

I’ll be the first to admit that I like ARMS more than most. It dominated my summer as I fought my way up to the highest ranks, and… 879 more words

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