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Video Game Culture: The Subcultures

A little while back I interviewed a few co-workers of mine and did a piece about the diversity in video game culture. This week I revisited the trio and asked them more specifically about their styles of gaming. 125 more words

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Gaming and the Weak Canadian Dollar

A few years ago, the Canadian dollar began taking a tumble in terms of value. I’m not going to try and explain why, as the economics behind the values of each currency mystify me. 199 more words

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Dhalsim, Six DLC Characters and a Release Date Announced for Street Fighter V

Lots of big Street Fighter V news coming out of Paris Games Week. For starters, Capcom revealed Dhalsim as the latest character added to the playable roster. 549 more words

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Is it Too Much to Ask for a Safe Gaming Community?

Internet harassment has been an immense issue for a long time. Now more than ever we see this harassment evolve into threats, and recent years have seen these ugly actions reared towards the gaming community. 631 more words


Covering Part 2 of the Street Fighter V Beta

I missed most of the Street Fighter V beta the first time around. After an epic fail of a launch, Capcom conveniently rescheduled the beta to fall on a weekend where I would be out of the province. 685 more words

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Opinion: Assassins Creed's variety is both its biggest strength, and its biggest flaw.

With the newest entry in the Assassins Creed franchise out tomorrow Id like to share an opinion that’s been causing me to feel less and less enthusiastic about the series: It may have too much variety for its own good. 569 more words


Fan Expo Canada 2015 Recap

Steff and I were just two of the over 127,000 people converged at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this year for Fan Expo Canada 2015. This year was our fifth consecutive year going and it was a good show. 655 more words

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