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Casting Ready Player One: Female Geeks and the Sexy Sidekick Stereotype

Do you love games?  Have you always wanted to be in a Hollywood movie?  You can apply to be in Steven Spielberg’s upcoming adaptation of  479 more words

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Should We Ban Free To Play? | Games Up Podcast

On this weeks episode of Games Up Podcast the cast gather round to discuss whether the free to play model should be banned in the face of gaming addiction. 74 more words


Stuff vs. Space

Growing up, the concept of space didn’t really factor into my way of living. With my parent’s house as a repository, I bought what I wanted and held onto things for way longer than I probably should have. 776 more words

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Ways in Which Street Fighter IV Succeeded

Street Fighter IV was the biggest thing since Street Fighter II. In an era where the fighting games had laid dormant for about a decade, the success of… 969 more words

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Are We Psychic?! Predicting 2016's News. | Games Up Podcast

On this weeks episode of Games Up Podcast we predict what we think will be the biggest gaming news of 2016.

You can hear the show here: … 59 more words


Oculus Rift: I'd Buy That for $599.99?

Leading up to the opening of pre-orders for the Oculus Rift, the company behind the virtual reality headsets were cagey on its price point. Well, now that we know it’s $599.99, it’s clear to see why. 277 more words

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Coming in 2016: The Nintendo NX?

It may still be too early to lock any of this in, but it seems clear that something is going on at Nintendo in regards to its upcoming Nintendo NX platform. 436 more words

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