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Stoic Sugar Cubes - After Vertical Slice Plans

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When I started  this project, the aim was to gain an understanding of the design of 3rd person platforming games, the creation and implementation of their art assets, in the form of modular kits and editor tools, and the scripting required to make a versatile range of character types to offer a wide range of play. 312 more words

Stoic Sugar Cubes - Final Updates Before Hand In

With the hand in on the 19th, and two final weeks of solid production, the vertical slice for Stoic Sugar Cubes is now done. Below is a list the final updates that are not yet documented that were added to the project. 54 more words

StoicSugarCubes - Meta update

What better way to show off the playerprefs than meta elements… I have too much time on my hands:

16 April Updates:

Made camera settings data saved between scenes and plays sessions with playerPrefs… 41 more words

Stoic Sugar Cubes - Final Week Update List

Screenshot of the Water Tower model in the level select

It’s been quite fun being in this final push before deadline, so many things getting implemented and fixed to give the game that nice submission level of final polish before hand in. 311 more words

Pixel Fest 2016

I had an opportunity this weekend to go to an event in Norfolk called Pixel Fest, and there are some highlights that I believe are worth sharing. 576 more words


Stoic Sugar Cubes - Player animations

While there hasn’t been time to do a fully textured and modeled player character for the vertical slice I did put some time aside to give the character model some much needed animations to help the player differentiate between their different actions in game. 50 more words

Stoic Sugar Cubes - Art Bible

As the final deadline for this submission is getting closer i’ve spent the weekend getting all the documentation in order to free up this last week for making a final art level for the vertical slice’s hand in. 50 more words