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Digging for Burgers Blog #20: Release Date and Android Enhancements

I suppose the biggest news is the game is now done. Rather than shovel it out instantly, I’ll give it some time and set a release date for Android on February 28th and keep doing what I can until then. 594 more words


Digging for Burgers Blog #19 Tweaks from Feedback #4

Fresh testers tested the game and returning players kept playing the challenge mode. As always, the game was tweaked here and there.

– Added a new challenge to better explain the crushers work via the player’s energy. 415 more words


Digging for Burgers Blog #18 The Meat Grinder

A tester managed to break a few of the time survival challenges. To rectify things, a meat grinder was added to the survival challenges and other challenges in the future. 159 more words


Digging for Burgers Blog #17 Tweaks from Feedback #3

As the composer works on the music, I have continued tweaking things to enhance what’s already there.

– Added  short themes for the title screen and game over. 182 more words


Balloon Popping Pigs Update 1.5.7: Pig Discoverability

A quick update to celebrate the anniversary of Balloon Popping Pigs on Steam. This update focuses on putting a spotlight on where to unlock and purchase the pigs as it seems to be the most common issue. 157 more words

Video Game Development

48-hour Global Game Jam tests Regina developers' skills and their stamina

Red eyes, and Red Bull.

That was the scene at the University of Regina, as 35 caffeine-starved creators scrambled to make a video game in just 48 hours. 393 more words


Digging for Burgers Blog #16: Tweaks from Feedback #2

In yesterday’s session:
– Modified fry shooters no longer shoot when you’re next to them. It makes the game far easier during the areas with fry shooters. 176 more words