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Little Orc Wars: Developer Update - Polish!

Brendan and I are working on a few of the polish items in LOW and wanted to show a few of the neat enhancements we’ve brought to the game! 10 more words

Game Development

Little Orc Wars: It's on Android phones!

A quick update – Little Orc Wars is running pretty decently on my Galaxy S3 Mini, and, well, if it can work on that, it can work anywhere! 21 more words

Game Development

Development - Metal Arms: Glitch in the System

I don’t remember why I picked up Metal Arms for the first XBOX; I think it was on the strength of a review or discussion I’d come across, probably on a web site now gone. 356 more words

Glitch In The System

PSRC – Screenshot July/2,3,4

Tileset bonanza

Lot of figuring out was done in the past weeks. Mostly research and foresight against future bottlenecks, since it would suck to create hundreds of sprites and then find out a tiny detail I missed rendered them useless in the end, so I took the extra time to prep against that. 453 more words

Mid-Sprint Update (June-August)

It’s the strangest thing, I never bothered sharing code in the past. Wrote it, tested it, mission accomplished… Put in the archive to harvest dust bunnies. 342 more words


The Afflicted


My Role – Level Designer

What is The Afflicted?

Key Features                                                                 

  • Place-able cover and barricades
  • 3 teams
  • RTS-style resource management
  • Voting system for in-game upgrades…
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You Know When You Make Bad Decisions?

Well, you learn from them. Hopefully every time, in the hope that you don’t make a bad decision again.

In the game I’m making using Unreal Engine 4, I’ve made quite a number of bad decisions during development even though I am making a very small game. 344 more words