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The final countdown!

Fancy flashy things aren’t going to be shown in this blog post. Sadface. The previous week was dedicated to getting things ready for our student game expo (SGX), actually participating in SGX, bugfixes, tweaks, starting up Steam integration, and converting our game to be playable without a VR headset. 489 more words

Game Development

Third Person Camera, Track Setup, and a Table.

Another week down, two more to go. The pressure is on, but we aren’t cracking yet. This week has been spent working on setting up individual tracks for all three of our levels, adding a third person camera, and making a prop for our backyard racetrack level. 439 more words

Game Development

Dev Log: Developing the Unsung Hero

For this week coding, I am focus on what in my mind is perhaps the single most important game asset in every game. While we implemented nicely, this element receives little to no credits for it function. 606 more words


Not even Irma can stop us!

Hurricane Irma hit Florida last week, I myself drove out of the state. School was out of power for a week, and so we weren’t all together in the studio. 491 more words

Game Development

OctorSpace Update: Victory Screen Score and Road Map to Finished Product

Yesterday felt like a slim day… but it looks like I got a lot of done. Mostly tweaking.


Collectables now give points, a single point each just like the enemies. 932 more words


OctorSpace Update: Timer and Enemy Exclusive Powers


Looks like I laid the groundwork for this before, but enemies have exclusive powers like explode and carry things. I say they have exclusive powers as it would be bad for the player to need to explode or carry something. 319 more words


Foxland Update: A lot of frills and a new level

Someone I know took the time to play an alpha of Foxland and give me some feedback on it, so I spent the day working on Foxland. 321 more words