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Are Video Games Getting Too Violent?

A lot of people can debate this and blame video games for violence behavior of an individual who has a controller in this hand and have physiological problem. 326 more words

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Dark Devotion - Rageous and Bloody Fights

Dark Devotion look like a pixel art version of Dark Souls, this game is indie action-platformer game developed by Hibernian Workshop. You play as a heroine who is devote my god himself and she is a Templars but fights alone. 189 more words

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Dante's Inferno: Development Canto I

Abandon hope, all ye who receive NullpointerException errors…..

During my course on literature by Dante Alighieri and Boccaccio, we were tasked to create a project inspired by their writing. 371 more words

Dante's Inferno Game

Ghostly Apparitions Development Video 02 - AI GOAP and Action Line Syste

A update video going over the development of the AI systems which were the main focus for “Ghostly Apparitions” over the Christmas break,

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Event: Global Game Jam 2017

GLOBAL GAME JAM 2017: Kuwait
19-21 January 2017 @ Dasman Complex

What is it?
A game jam is an event for developing games, whether video games, tabletop or otherwise. 891 more words


Pre-Release Update 6: Too Much Information

– Added in game manual.
– Added music to be in stereo.
– Added previous and next 10 to the leaderboards now that there are more than 10 names. 27 more words

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Pre-Release Update 4 & 5: Multiple Controllers used by Multiple Players

Pre-Release Update 4

– Added selectable control methods for 2 players. Such as player 1 can use controller 2. Two players can share 1 computer, one player can use a controller while the other uses the keyboard. 168 more words

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