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Basic Scene Setup

I’ve set up a basic scene and started working on writing classes in C++. With the introduction of Unreal 4.15 came a new policy when including header files. 250 more words

Game Development

Into a New Project: Graviton Armada

I just finished my last class in school, so as soon as my diploma arrives I’ll have my Bachelor’s. As the job search goes on, I have decided to continue honing my skills with another Unreal project. 230 more words

Game Development

Turbo Pug Park: Update #2 Making a New Theme

Its been a week since the last update and to have more screen shot diversity, the Winter Wonderland theme was created. It began a week ago with a fake screen shot and a question: 617 more words


Turbo Pug Park: Update #1 Headwear & Effects

Here is a visual representation of modifications.

New trail effect.

New chocolate pug + Selectable hats… just the 1 bow at the moment.

Original pugachute.

New trail + new pugachute


Foxland becomes Turbo Pug Park

After releasing Foxland for a week to see how people enjoyed it, many hated it enough for me to redo the mechanics and the jump, which lead to each level needing to be remade. 145 more words


Video Games and gaming, Jeremy Ray a.k.a. Junglist - WOAE046

A discussion of gaming and the video game industry with Jeremy Ray a.k.a. Junglist. Jeremy is best known as a video game critic and a journalist with interests in game and industry development. 39 more words

WOAE Podcast

Flawed (Gamer Girls 01) -- a review

Flawed by Kitty Cox and Auryn Hadley is a gut-wrenching masterpiece.  It’s billed as a romance.  And the development of the relationship between Dez and Chance is very-much-so a romance.  416 more words