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Incus In The Metaverse - SteamVR Partnership

Long time no post followers of the Incus! Thank you for following for so long on the journey in game development. As an independent developer, it has taken so much to get to this point (Ten Years!). 260 more words


ZIN Progress Chart

I made a progress chart a few hours ago.  I’ll keep it up to date on at least a monthly basis.  Although, the only variables that may go up in the next few months are the main and  sub scripts which are pretty much the main focus for me right now.  Check out the  Progress Chart.

Video Game Development

Ghostly Apparitions - March Update

With the final deadline being the 5/5/17, and April likely to taken up by out of development tasks, I am using this month to get all the games current features and assets into a playable build, with a proper beginning and end. 136 more words

Balloon Popping Pigs and the Background Jam

A few days ago I made a jungle background pixel art for Balloon Popping Pigs. It was a time consuming process and could stand more work and detail added to it. 608 more words

Video Game Development

Paladins: Champions of the Realm – Fantasy Shooter Review

The team that brought you Smite comes Paladins: Champions of the Realm, which the game reminds you of Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch. One of the members of Hi-Rez Studios Todd Harris stated that “Overwatch was not the inspiration for Paladins”, and “the game that deserves the most credit is Team Fortress 2” Well I brag to differ there are some characters got some inspiration from Overwatch which I will get to later. 372 more words

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OctorSpace Power-Ups for Players and Enemies

Someone asked me yesterday what the progression and upgrade system will be for OctorSpace and well its a game where people can make levels themselves. Introducing upgrades suddenly turns into a whole other beast as then the game gets more challenging to test. 462 more words

Video Game Development

OctorSpace's in Game Level Editor

The original OctorSpace had a mere four enemies with a few bosses. For the deluxe version there are 20 more enemies, 10 large and 10 small. 690 more words

Video Game Development