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Cathedral - NES Knight Trailer Review

When I first saw this trailer I thought it was a sequel to Shovel Knight but I was wrong. The creator stated that ” takes you back to the roots of NES gaming”. 90 more words

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Toasty - Practical work On Hold and dissertation

Now i’ve got the practical work where I would like it to be, I will be taking the next two weeks or so to get some headway on my dissertation. 93 more words

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Nintendo is Switching to a New Console?

Is this a New Nintendo Console? Only one way to find out! Nintendo Switch is both a home and handheld console. That’s right it’s a docking station and you can play it on the go like this trailer here. 138 more words

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Persona 4 Arena Director Kazuhisa Wada Want to Make Persona 5 Arena

Kazuhisa Wada appeared at the Toushinsai 2016 arcade game tournament and stated that “To be honest, we’ve been working hard on Persona 5 and we haven’t really talked about I much yet, But I think I definitely want to make it”. 170 more words

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An anime about making video games! Our New Game review!

New game is an anime about a video game development studio and its employees. Other anime of this nature have gone deep into the process of the industry they cover, and while New Game does give a small amount of insight into the video game industry, and the development process behind it, it instead takes a more light, comedic approach that just happens to be set in a video game office, and while I may have preferred more, there still remains much to love about this show. 823 more words


Do Indie Game Developers Deserve More Recognition As Creators?

As an indie game developer, you want your game to shape the world and make people enjoy playing it. Indie game developers some consist of a group of 1-12 people but sometimes it can be done by a single person. 334 more words

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Taosty - Course Milestone 1, Presentation and Onesheet

On October the 15th the course had its first milestone for the alpha project, where everyone in the course needed to do a short presentation of our projects to the lectures. 52 more words

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