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Learning about UV texturing

To continue making progress with this wheelchair accessibility sim, it’s time for me to start learning about UV texturing in Unreal Engine 4. Up to now, I’ve just been working with flat color materials (to simplify the process of figuring out issues like weird shadows, and because they work well with VR, etc.) but now I need to start making some signs. 316 more words

Ayuma Project

Japan Day 12: The Environment - September 28

Today was pretty uneventful except for meeting my third and final teacher, Yamamoto-sensei. She has a really nice personality and she enjoys chatting with me about life and future plans, which I really like in a teacher; the ability to teach well yet still keep a casual air in the classroom. 612 more words


RealityCapture LIVE from Organic Motion

We’ve been working like crazy at Organic Motion on our RealityCapture LIVE product. It’s a real-time content creation platform for VR that we’re rolling out at TechCrunch Disrupt this week. 66 more words

Video Game Development

Wheelchair accessibility sim Ayuma Project 1 gets mentioned in Ars Technica article comments

A 3GB update to UE4.9 is downloading right now, and I took a quick break from pondering which anti-malware program to go to for the coming year to look at this blog’s stats, and noticed a spike with some incoming from Ars Technica. 165 more words

Little Orc Wars: Developer Update - Polish!

Brendan and I are¬†working on a few of the polish items in LOW and wanted to show a few of the neat enhancements we’ve brought to the game! 10 more words

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