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So you want to be a creative professional?

I talked a bit last post about side projects, and I’m going to talk about them again, but this is a very different post. In fact, it’s a wee bit of a rant, so bear with me. 712 more words


Pig Your Character Balloon Popping Pigs

My artist friend and I have been making a game for 2 days now. Its arcade, its simple and each time you play, it lasts about 2 – 3 minutes. 180 more words

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Balloon Popping Pigs turned into a 24 hour game jam

After doing so well for the one hour game jam, my artist and I kept working on Balloon Popping Pigs. While the hosts were playing the game, we were still working. 388 more words

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Favourite Developers - Party Chat

This week on Party Chat we share some of our video game developers. 63 more words

Party Chat

Balloon Popping Pigs: 1 Hour Game Jam Entry

My artist and I participated in the real one hour game jam. We prepped with 15 ideas. All Atari 2600 game ideas with a twist.  The theme was announced as “When Pigs Fly.” Not the worst theme. 295 more words

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OutBreak: 1 Hour Game Jam Entry

This weekend, my artist convinced me to participate in a 1 hour game jam. To prepare for the real game jam, I decided to test my skills by making a Breakout clone that I call OutBreak. 116 more words

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Stoic Sugar Cubes - After Vertical Slice Plans

In desktop Icon

When I started  this project, the aim was to gain an understanding of the design of 3rd person platforming games, the creation and implementation of their art assets, in the form of modular kits and editor tools, and the scripting required to make a versatile range of character types to offer a wide range of play. 312 more words