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WoW Clones and the Point of Divergence

Labeling an MMO as a “WoW Clone” is generally meant as an insult. Such games were developed to match the features and mechanics of World of Warcraft… 714 more words


Phase Two, User Interface

For Phase two we had to design a User interface which suited our game Star Clash so here is a run down of the UI that I designed for Star Clash… 354 more words

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Phase Two, Renderers

A very important part of 3D modelling is choosing the right renderer as the right renderer can give 3D models a very good looking result this is our scene rendered in various renderers available to me during Phase two. 314 more words

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Phase Two, Week Fourteen

This is the final week of Phase Two most of the work if actually done this week is just adding the final touches to which I can submit to the college since last week we completed the batch render I was tasked to take it into Adobe After Effects in which I manged to make a SWF of our 3D scene. 137 more words

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Phase Two, Week Ten

This week is our second week of animation I managed to get my idle animation to a good standard every part of our character moves a little bit to make Visperad look dynamic even when he isn’t doing anything. 162 more words

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Phase Two, Week Nine

This week we were tasked to start animating our 2D character which we made in illustrator. To start animating the character we need to import it in to flash in which we would use the bone tool to make our character move. 139 more words

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Phase Two, Dialogue script

When creating and designing our character we also had to give our character a voice so below is the development of our character Visperad and his dialogue. 373 more words

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