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tgsGameDev - Update #4: The Magic of Creating

This post is less of a game development update than a personal reflection.

I’ve loved video games since I was a kid, and I’ve wanted to make one for just as long.   428 more words


tgsGameDev - Update #3: Break It Down!

First off, a few of you may have noticed that I’ve changed the name of the series from 0 to 1 to tgsGameDev.  Long story short, the previous name was too obvious (actually, Peter Thiel wrote a book with the same title so I wanted something different – I guess shame on me as an IT person for not knowing what Peter Thiel is up to?).   351 more words


What Video Game Producers Do

Earlier this year, a 2009 blog post on why to hire video game developers circulated on LinkedIn. Inspired by that article, I thought I would share some insight into what video game Producers/Development Directors do, relating it to the context of more traditional industries.  1,025 more words


Tears of a New Media:

Today I discovered a particularly interesting article written in the early days of EA and the games media:


The reason I found this to be of certain interest is because it was discussing whether a “computer can make you cry”. 226 more words


tgsGameDev - Update #1: Decisions, Decisions - What Game to Make (And What to Use)

There were three important things I needed to do before starting on my first game:

  1. Determine my current skills and abilities.
  2. Think of a game that I could realistically complete by stretching those skills and abilities by a small amount.
  3. 518 more words


One of my earliest memories is sitting between my dads legs absorbed in the dull colours of a rainy cityscape, a blob of an enemy staring us down. 193 more words


GSP 340 - Modification and Level Design with Lab Blog

Well game developers, gamers, and bloggers,  I’m back at it  with writing blogs for this  course that’s about level game design using the Unreal Engine. This is a major transition for me as a developer because I primarily am proficient in using Unity as the preferred game engine. 258 more words

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