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Valkyria Chronicles 4 Review | War, Peace, And Anime

It’s been roughly eight years since the last non-Japan only Valkyria Chronicles title was released, and while the turn based strategy genre has had significant popular titles like XCOM and several Fire Emblems, its nice to have the shooter strategy hybrid back. 74 more words


Nigmabox Rundown (10/14-10/20) Scheduling Woes Await…

For about three years now I have been attempting, and succeeding, in posting regular weekly game reviews, and while I am somewhat proud of my ability to maintain a schedule like that, recent circumstances in my life have made doing so increasingly difficult.   1,255 more words

Video Game Review

Rayman 10th Anniversary Review

It’s time to take a quick look at the Rayman collection I recently beat for the GBA. This one made the interesting decision of merging the first and third games in the series. 919 more words


F1 2002 Review

It’s time to look at a more modern video game in the form of F1. I tried out this game a bit a very long time ago but I quickly fell behind the curve. 850 more words


Max Hoffman's Pro BMX Review

So I got to play another PS1 game. This one is a bike title that plays like a skateboarding one and I actually haven’t played a lot of those. 702 more words


Undertale Review

It’s time to look at what was considered to be the greatest game of all time according to Gamefaqs. Of course that isn’t something I’d agree with since I don’t see any game topping Super Smash Bros or Madden unless it’s a game in a similar genre. 1,044 more words


Game Completed #25: Castlevania: Bloodlines

Game Released: March 17, 1994 (NA)

Started – October 3, 2018 (12:00pm)

Completed – October 6, 2018 (10:23pm)


This is my fourth annual Castlevania… 1,881 more words

Game Completed