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Lvl. 22: Clever Girl

Hello to all,

I was introduced to Monster Hunter through a no longer associate. After getting off the boat for the first time to poach wildlife in Monster Hunter World my decent left me in a land where 330+ hours of my life had been siphoned (are you proud of me now father!) 578 more words


Burnstar [Game Review]

Happy Sunday!

We’re over at Miketendo64 today with another Nintendo Switch game review of Burnstar.

Head on over and check it out!

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Video Games

Video Game Review: Jurassic World Evolution

Yes! You read that right! Gasp! It’s a video game review. I’m expanding to cover whatever I feel like reviewing. Film, TV and video games mostly – but you never know, I may also do theatre. 694 more words


Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Review

Epic Mickey was definitely not my favorite platformer game. I thought that the story was very uninspired and the levels certainly didn’t have a very good design to them. 1,061 more words


Kingdom Hearts - Game Review

The Kingdom Hearts series is one of the most well-received crossovers of all-time, especially in the video game industry. The series has been running strong for many years now, and soon, the long-awaited… 1,605 more words


Friday the 13th: The Game - Jason Voorhees Biggest Crime

Today is Friday the 13th. And on this day, Jason Voorhees, the hockey mask-wearing zombie from Camp Crystal Lake, rises from the grave and exacts his freaky revenge on those he feels are responsible for the beheading of his precious mummy. 813 more words


Video Game Review #003 - Resident Evil


“They have escaped into the mansion where they thought it was safe. Yet . . . ”

The game that sparked the late-90s rush of horror titles, that then gave rise to a continued interest in horror titles through today.  545 more words