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Imagine running down a road forever. You’re running down this road and everything looks nearly identical. There’s some trees. Rocks. Bushes. Birds fly around. Every so often a dingo(…?!) on a motorbike tosses you a literal bone. 305 more words


The calm before the storm...

Hey all,

With less then a week remaining until October its time to drop in and post a quick little update on a few things before the Direct 2 Video Dungeon’s 3rd Annual Schlocktoberfest takes form. 322 more words


Law & Order In The Internet Archive: Crime Fighter

I have just returned from another exploration of the old MSDOS games stored at the Internet Archive and I think I may have found one of the most addictive games ever programmed.   1,172 more words


I finally saw the Warcraft movie...

…and I liked it.

I never played the Warcraft games, but I did play World of Warcraft until Cataclysm. And since my main was a forsaken warlock, I didn’t care too much about the lore that’s featured in Warcraft. 237 more words

There Can Only Be One (Secondary Quest Witcher 3 Blood and Wine DLC)

Recommended level – 43

This quest is a little more involved than the others because in order to properly complete it you must have shown the 5 virtues: compassion, generosity, honor, valor, wisdom. 102 more words


Bits & Pieces Pt 2

Bits & Pieces Pt 2:

As promised the second part to my point on how stupid episodic gaming is. Now as much as I hate episodic gaming, I wouldn’t say it’s horrible, but if it becomes a normal practice in the industry I will go ape shit. 72 more words