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Happy Birthday PS2

Happy birthday to the PlayStation 2. Sony’s second console is 15 years old today. Yes that’s right, 15 years ago Sony launched the PS2 in Japan (north America and European releases followed later in the year). 219 more words


PSTS Episode 137 - GDC, the WoW Token, and Big, Bouncing Bazongas


Game Developers Conference is going down right now in a sunny, coastal location, meaning a bunch of news that won’t really mean anything for several years is waiting to tempt you. 49 more words


My favorite games: Age Of Mythology

Age of Mythology is a strategy game concentrated around the Greek, Egyptian and Norse mythologies. You can play several modes in this game:

  1. Campaign – The campaign is centered around the Atlantean general Arkantos, who travels around the lands of the three main cultures (Greek, Egyptian and Norse).
  2. 165 more words
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Dying Light Review

If you like Mirrors Edge and Left4Dead then you will love this game. The acrobatics and storyline of Mirrors Edge, and the zombies and the will to survive from Left4dead has been merged together into this beautifully made game. 293 more words

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"A Flawed Knight" - The Order: 1886 Review

The Order: 1886 is a lot of things. However, being a overall good game is not one of those things. While the game is gorgeous, it has a pretty well done story, a fantastic soundtrack, great voice acting, when it just comes down to the gameplay. 670 more words

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The Sweeping Cape! - A UNSW PokeSoc Gym Leader Tournament 1st Place Report


First of all before I run through my experiences in the tournament, I’d like to thank David and Andrew for organising and running this competition. 3,048 more words

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Dynasty Warriors 8 Review

“The most satisfying, most complete Dynasty Warriors yet.” 490 more words

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