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Puzzle Room Sydney offers Great Team Building

As a large portion of the break diversions are reachable in blaze, the stacking turns out to be quick and it likewise encourages prompt playing through sites. 325 more words


B-Side: "Top 20 video game Sky themes" (20-11)

“For fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” – Alexander Pope

The deep blue sky. It’s the realm of God and his angels. To the pagans, it was the realm of Olympus and Valhalla.

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Phantasmal: City of Darkness Review | Gaming Respawn

I’m a sucker for a decent horror game, especially ones that combine an intriguing setting with interesting mechanics and an immersive atmosphere. Throw in a bit of Lovecraft and I’m pretty much sold.

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Initial Reaction: "Overwatch" Beta

Initial Reaction: “Overwatch” beta

I’ll be honest. I grew up with Macs, so therefore, I never became much of a PC gamer.  In result, I never played many of the classic games from Blizzard Entertainment. 374 more words

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Gears of War 4 Beta Overview and Takeaways

“Playing it safe.”

After roughly 2 weeks of activity, the Gears 4 beta concluded Sunday evening. It gave players a glimpse of what to expect this October, and aimed to sway the fans who remained skeptical of the thought of a new Gears of War. 910 more words