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International Snooker Review

International Snooker is a Playstation Vita title that allows you to play a career in tournaments as well as matches of Pool/Billiards and Snooker against AI or human opponents.  634 more words


The Long Dark: Luminance Fugue Review

The Long Dark continues on by opening up.

May Contain Some Minor Spoilers.

If you have not played Do Not Go Gentle, it is highly recommended that you do not read this review. 990 more words


Lightning Round: Video Games of 2017

With the blog being so new and so far into the year, I don’t intend to make separate posts for every review I missed so Lightning Round will be the way to quicky round up everything, or at least most things I would’ve written about or reviewed had I not been the laziest of oaves (looks weird written like that) all year. 1,816 more words


Review: Mark Of The Ninja

Reviewed on PC.

Take stealth gameplay mechanics spanning from 1997 to 2012, mash them with a hammer until they lose a dimension and you get the game being reviewed today, … 563 more words


Fun Facts: Injustice 2 Beta

For Injustice 2 (2017), it was a perfect video game but it was not as intended to be.

The first beta showed a storyline where Ra’s al Ghul (Bryan Cranston) will overtake Superman’s regime with additional villains joining him and might defeat Batman. 119 more words

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Fun Facts: Jak 3 Beta

Jak 3 (2004) was going to be more of a Jak II (2003) expansion pack compared to a real game.

In the beta version of the game, Jak was wearing his Haven City outfit rather than his garments for Spargus City. 37 more words

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Top Line/Bottom Line: Rocking Pilot

Top Line: Rocking Pilot is a fun, fast-paced arcade-style game that’s a rapid-fire blast at its best and a bit of a chore at its worst. 599 more words