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Lightning Round: Video Games of 2017

With the blog being so new and so far into the year, I don’t intend to make separate posts for every review I missed so Lightning Round will be the way to quicky round up everything, or at least most things I would’ve written about or reviewed had I not been the laziest of oaves (looks weird written like that) all year. 1,816 more words


Review: Mark Of The Ninja

Reviewed on PC.

Take stealth gameplay mechanics spanning from 1997 to 2012, mash them with a hammer until they lose a dimension and you get the game being reviewed today, … 561 more words


Fun Facts: Injustice 2 Beta

For Injustice 2 (2017), it was a perfect video game but it was not as intended to be.

The first beta showed a storyline where Ra’s al Ghul (Bryan Cranston) will overtake Superman’s regime with additional villains joining him and might defeat Batman. 119 more words

Video Game

Fun Facts: Jak 3 Beta

Jak 3 (2004) was going to be more of a Jak II (2003) expansion pack compared to a real game.

In the beta version of the game, Jak was wearing his Haven City outfit rather than his garments for Spargus City. 37 more words

Video Game

Top Line/Bottom Line: Rocking Pilot

Top Line: Rocking Pilot is a fun, fast-paced arcade-style game that’s a rapid-fire blast at its best and a bit of a chore at its worst. 599 more words


Violent Sol Worlds Now On Kickstarter

Violent Sol Worlds has officially launched its Kickstarter project – here

Violent Sol Worlds is a story driven, single player, action hero combat game with a massively procedural generated planet covered in caves and complexes with an AI director that injects events and stories into the world. 15 more words

Cross Cultural Practicum: Bringing Culture to You

I joined the GLP with little more than a year left in my Accounting masters. With a bit of thought, it is not as hard to complete the GLP in one year as you might imagine. 723 more words

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