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Resident Evil [REmake] (2002)

Expertly Crafted Survival Horror Remake

Year: 2002

Platform: Nintendo GameCube

Player Characters: Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine

Setting: Spencer Mansion, Arklay Mountains

Movie Remakes are a bit of a mixed bag, some are really good while others are devastatingly bad. 655 more words



By: Vaughn Big Papi Collins.

Warframe: Fun with Space Ninjas

No, you read that title right. Warframe is a game where you play as a space ninja who goes out on missions either murdering everything in your path, recovering data, or just trying to get that sweet special loot and experience. 1,544 more words

Fighters Corner: A love letter to arcades.

By: Johnny Big Fudge Marcondes

Remember when arcades where everywhere? Back then lines formed and crowds emerged to watch who was breaking records, reaching new levels and most of all who was the uncrowned king of fighting games. 1,095 more words

Dark Devotion - Rageous and Bloody Fights

Dark Devotion look like a pixel art version of Dark Souls, this game is indie action-platformer game developed by Hibernian Workshop. You play as a heroine who is devote my god himself and she is a Templars but fights alone. 189 more words

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Eternal Covenant - Castlevania Co-op Game

Eternal Covenant is not made by Konani but by TimeNewStudios check them out and support them. There new indie game is inspired by Castlevania if you are a fan of the series play those first, also this game is a action platformer which is also called Metroidvania (it’s a term of game style of… 238 more words

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