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My Dissertation got Published!

Now, I’m not being bigheaded and declaring the dissertation I worked my arse off for deserves to be seen by all eyes – it is actually relevant to gaming. 274 more words

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Let's Play Persona 4 Golden (Part 43)

Chris tries to become the biggest baller in Yasogami High School as he finally gets the chance to play Persona 4 Golden! We’re going to be tackling the important social links and crushing every boss we find as we try to save people from the horrors of the TV world. 26 more words

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

With Uncharted’s first release leaving a bland taste in my mouth it was time to jump into the second game in the franchise. Again, Among Thieves was the reason I bought a PS3, I considered it one of my favorite games for years. 772 more words


Major PC Battlestation Changes

In the spirit of getting ready for a new baby, my boyfriend and I decided to make some changes to our PC gaming room. The goal was to make a little more space in our overly crowded room for the new baby. 111 more words

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RiftTalk: A Look Into League of Legend's Preseason

With the end of League of Legends’ season five comes the preseason;
a time of limbo before the start of the next ranked-ladder year where Riot implements massive changes to the game in order to alter its play-style, feel, and win conditions. 585 more words

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Which is My Favourite Link Incarnation from The Legend of Zelda Series?

To me, Link is one of many ultimate heroes in video games – he rises to challenges with courage; he has the ability to play musical instruments; his sword skills are impressive and he always possesses an unbreakable spirit. 979 more words

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The Wolf Among Us Episode 3: The Crooked Mile and the To Kill or Not To Kill Moment

The Story: Picking up right where we left off in Smokes and Mirrors, Ichabod Crane has run away and we suspect him to have a very unhealthy obsession over Snow and possibly the man responsible for the death of the decapitated prostitutes. 481 more words

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