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30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 25. A Video Game Moment That Totally Surprised You.

Today’s topic is all about a moment that took me by surprised. This was actually a difficult one to think of, as most of the time I could tell when there was going to be a plot twist or shocking moment. 188 more words


Update: Guess Who's Dogsitting Again!

I’m starting to believe my parents spend more time on holiday than they do in their own house. This does mean that I get stuck with the dogsitting duty. 622 more words


Jessica Goch Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures

Jessica Goch has found her place in the online gaming world. After becoming popular by streaming by streaming Halo under the name “JGhosty,” Goch has continued being involved in the industry. 306 more words


Jessica 'JGhosty' Goch: Hottest Photos Of Ninja's Wife

Jessica Goch turned into a social media star when she began broadcasting live streams of Halo under the gamer tag “JGhosty.” She is also known as the wife and manager of popular Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who reached worldwide fame after a… 402 more words


30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 24. Favourite Indie Game.

I find that its some of the smaller games that are made by small developer teams, with less budget and no AAA publisher supporting them, that have the most heart. 210 more words


A Sampling of Steredenn

While I certainly haven’t beaten the game I am playing through the challenging and fun Steredenn: Binary Stars.

It’s great in short bursts and I didn’t know about the no-save “feature” until after I bought it, but that hasn’t taken away any of the enjoyment I’ve had. 91 more words

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