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The Joys of Handheld Gaming

I guess the best way to start my first post here at Third World Geeks is to introduce myself. My real world name is Alky, and I’m just a regular guy who simply likes to talk (and write) about the different subjects that I’m interested in. 1,584 more words

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Rocket League Pro Strategies

I made a video showing off some of the best pro strategies in Rocket League. This video was super fun to make and I find it  20 more words

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Destiny leaks get traction for a reason

There was another Destiny leak on reddit recently, and Paul Tassi has already spoken about why he thinks the whole thing is bogus speculation. To a point I think Tassi is right as most of the things claimed in the reddit post aren’t that difficult to come up with just from being familiar with the game, lore, and reveals of the Taken King. 721 more words

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Why are Horror Videogames So Scary? The Player/Avatar Relation and Warning Systems

Watching a horror movie by yourself is one thing but playing a horror videogame by yourself is a whole other experience. Whether it’s Outlast or Silent Hill there is always that voice in our head screaming “Do not open that door!” But what is it that makes playing these games so much scarier than watching a horror movie? 493 more words

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Is It Finally Time to Upgrade to Xbox One?

Buyers Remorse In The Bright Light Of Day

So I’ve had my Xbox One for almost a year now. My wife gifted it to me in mid-September of last year after I bugged her for months that we needed to get one. 1,420 more words


Game On: Freedom Planet (Part 15)

Chris and Tech Guy discover a beautiful, 2-D platforming world in Freedom Planet! We’ll be beating the game in Carol’s story mode as we remember what Sonic games could have been like if Sega hadn’t murdered their own mascot. 14 more words

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