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Toilet Gator - Chapter 21

Although Buford Dufresne was in his late twenties, his hair was still stuck in the early 1990s. No one had informed him that the mullet had gone out of style long ago and no one was about to do so no. 2,147 more words


Let's Play Tales of Xillia (80)

Chris and Michaela team up to tackle Jude’s side of the story in Tales of Xillia! This is Chris’ pick for the best game in the Tales series top to bottom, while Michaela has only played the sequel. 44 more words

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Sylvio 2 is coming this fall, and I couldn't be happier

One-man-developer Niklas Swanberg of Stroboskop announced that the sequel of the open-world, puzzle, horror game, Sylvio, will be arriving fall of 2017 for PC, Mac, and Xbox One. 535 more words

Video Games

In the Crosshairs: Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (Nintendo 3DS)

It’s been more than a year since I bought a copy of the special edition of Fire Emblem Fates and I’ve only managed to beat Birthright, one of the three Fates games in the cartridge. 1,096 more words

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