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Offworld Trading Company

Seeing as though we are going through our 6th mass extinction; the probability of humans seeking resources off-world is very real:

Offworld Trading Company is a real time strategy game that takes players to Mars: 51 more words


IDL NEWS - Mafia 3, Free Games With Gold, more News, and Evolve

The weekend is over and a new week begun. I posted a review for BADLAND, but forgot about the achievement of the week. Oh well.  561 more words

Video Games

Deep In Thought About....

Today, while looking on Steam, thinking what games I’d like to buy, a thought popped in my head. When it gets cold and Winter comes knockin’, I’m pretty much stuck inside, doing whatever to fill the day, much to the shigrin of my roommates. 96 more words


Iron Banner returns in Destiny

Iron Banner seems to be returning tomorrow at 10AM (June 30th) along with new gear. If it’s similar to previous Iron Banners, it will last typically for a week. 25 more words


Who I Am

There seems to be much confusion in my current life. I thought since I don’t write as often, and yesterday was a big turning point in my life, that I might share with you some things that seem to confuse some of the most important people in my life. 415 more words


Let's Play Skyrim Ep 4 With Babe's Got Bow

Follow Babe’s Got Bow as she heads to Saarthal to kill Draugr, find magical things, and uncover some amazing secrets! The College of Winterhold disturbs some things that maybe they shouldn’t have in Saarthal, as Onmund would surly remind you over and over again…. 29 more words