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Final Fantasy XIII-2....what did I get into?

The last Final Fantasy game I actually finished was Final Fantasy X. Heck, the only two Final Fantasy games I finished are X and VII (in that order). 248 more words

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closed vs. seemingly open vs. open enviroments

I love open world games and the freedom it gives you, but as we all know, it’s only a fraction of the market. It takes a lot of resources to make a game that’s open world and so most end up being linear like most first person shooters such as the game Warface. 539 more words


The Internet and Jerks

Let’s just skip padding and say that there’s alot of jerks on the internet. There’s also alot of opinions, most of them being illiterate and mean spirited. 708 more words


After a tedious morning of finishing my creative writing compilation, I had a day to take the load off. Yeah, I have a paper due next week and a book to read by Tuesday, but it’s a day so I took it…and I did do some of the reading. 71 more words


Ecommerce Could Be My Future

For me I have a social phobia to where it is hard for me to be around people. So job options are kind of limited. I did a lot of research and found out about ecommerce. 71 more words

A Star Destroyer Full of Star Wars Battlefront News! News From Nowhere (April 17, 2015)

EA has unveiled a ton of details regarding the new Star Wars Battlefront game! All of that and more on this episode of the News From Nowhere!


Methodology - Choosing the right one

Research Project Methodology – Choosing the right method

For my intended research project, challenging pre-service teacher perceptions of video games, will beĀ comprisedĀ of multiple phases. 455 more words