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Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality Announced

VR game developer Owlchemy Labs and Adult Swim are working together to bring the devoted Rick and Morty fans a interesting game.

Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality is coming to the HTC Vive at an undisclosed date. 83 more words

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I went outside!

And as stupid as that sounds, it’s a big deal for me! You see, I’m widely regarded to be what is known as a “stay-at-home-wife”. What most people don’t understand however is that I’m nowhere close to being how cool and important other SAHWs are! 375 more words

1x FREE POKEBALL pattern

I’ve always free formed my poke balls, risking none of them being made exactly the same.  The poke ball is the perfect throwing size, what I imagine a snowball weighs in my hands. 159 more words


Today was productive…. for pokemon go. Although I lost to a gym 3 times, I can evolve like 3 pokemon, but I’m going to save them for my lucky egg when I can evolve like several. 24 more words

System and Story

‘Interactive’ is a convenient buzz-word that we’ve been using to describe games for some time. What separates games from other art, so we say, is that the audience acts upon the game and the game in turn acts upon them, a stable loop where each shapes the experience. 756 more words

Problem Machine

Establishing My Nerd Cred: Pokémon No

Can we talk about PokemonGo for a second?

Actually, I’d rather not. Because I’m not playing it.

I don’t mean this as some sort of rebellious and/or hipster thing against the mainstream. 427 more words

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Highway signs remind drivers "Pokemon GO is a no-go when driving"

Unfortunately, there are some who use apps such as Pokemon GO while driving in an attempt to catch all the Pokemon in their path. However, paying attention to your phone while behind the wheel can be hazardous to yourself as well as those around you, so it’s best to put it down until you reach your destination. 31 more words