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Today is a day of new things

I live a normal life.

So normal, that creating a blog and learning to do basic macro in Excel are worth writing about. Those two are the highlight of my day today. 238 more words


Gaming Is For Everyone

Happy Thursday!

Some people think of video games and also think of “lazy” in the same sentence. We know that’s not the case. Video games are actually a lot more important that most people seem to think. 473 more words

Video Games

Subdivision Infinity Joins Apple TV's "Game Controller Required" Club

As we noted last week, Subdivision Infinity has hit Apple TV today on schedule. It offers players 3D space combat via a mission-based structure, but also promises free roaming exploration, mining, and side-quests – all the major food groups. 225 more words

Quick Reviews - Pokémon Origins

Pokémon Origins is a refreshing slightly grittier take on the Pokémon world, that much is true. Its battles are slightly more violent than the main anime series, its character designs and voice acting are more grounded and mature and generally it fulfils my childhood desire to see a more serious anime about an actual… 542 more words

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Live-A-Live Part Seven: The Demon King

April 2, 2015: You play as Oersted, a knight representing the West in the Lucretian Battle Tournament. His opponent representing the East is Straybow. The prize: Princess Alicia’s hand in marriage. 1,147 more words

Video Games

Live-A-Live Part Six

January 4, 2012: I recently learned that the Flow chapter is also known as “Blood Flow”. That makes sense considering the liquified humans in the chapter’s storyline. 856 more words

Video Games