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Science can fall directly in a woodchipper.

I started playing Fallout: New Vegas after not having finished it past the cursory mission where you choose a side to start your basic alignment. 463 more words

Overwatch League Overview

Well everyone, the time has come. It’s been over a year since Overwatch League was announced by Blizzard and now the time has come for the inagural season to start. 1,946 more words


Optimistic Weekly Update 12/18

Well folks, ’tis the holiday season, and as such I’m a busy bee and haven’t really had the chance to play many games. I’m writing this in the tiny amount of free time I have between shopping and errands I need to run, so today’s update is going to be a quick one. 1,367 more words

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Let's Talk About...: Fists of Fury

We’re back with our “Let’s Talk About…” series! Check out the previous chats here.

Let’s Talk About…: a fighting game.

Erm… I don’t usually play beat-em-up games. 500 more words

Video Games

Capcom Unveils Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Super Ultra Legacy

In keeping with tradition, Capcom has just announced that a significantly better, upgraded version of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite will be available come 2018.

The game, dubbed Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Super Ultra Legacy, will feature a roster of nearly 30 characters. 47 more words

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