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Wumpa, Wumpa, Wumpa! Highlighting PlayStation sales for Crash Bandicoot

With the recent release of the “N-Sane Trilogy” on PlayStation 4, flooding back memories for video gamers, Crash Bandicoot has always been one of my favourite video game series ever since I first played Cortex Strikes Back as a three-year-old child. 367 more words


Shaming Game Engines!

It has been a while since I wrote my last entry. The truth is I have been very busy with life and also working on the next game. 1,240 more words


So You Decided to Be an Evil Jerk…

Other than being an assassin…

Or owning Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate.

Pretty evil, sis.

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Pyro is the Weakest Class in TF2

Relatively speaking, Pyro has been the weakest class in Team Fortress 2 for a long time. Examining the items released for Pyro (as well as others), Pyro’s playstyles, and the role that the map and environment play points to the conclusion that Pyro ranks dead last. 1,292 more words

FFXV quick review

Feeling too lazy to write a thorough review of a game that has been reviewed by many others. Nevertheless in a few years I might be interested in what I wrote about this game right after beating it. 601 more words

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Did Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Ruin the Series?

Let me be upfront: I love Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, maybe more than I should. It was my entry point to the Golden Sun… 1,110 more words

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Final Fantasy XIV - Story Done Correctly

Telling a strong, engaging story in a video game is no easy feat. The writers must make the player care about not only the characters, but make them feel immersed in the world of the story. 1,343 more words

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