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3DS Hype


While I was streaming tonight someone told me someone very exciting news! There’s going to be a new Pikmin game for the 3DS! It comes out sometime next year. 50 more words


So you wanna be a gamer

So you wanna be a gamer huh? Pro or just an online sensation? Well here is the thing, good luck. There are literally millions of gamers across the world that either play for fun, like me, or are professionals playing in tournaments. 389 more words

Upcoming WINTER 2017 PlayStation 4 For Entertainment

Resident Evil is finally back in with Resident Evil 7. It looks like this series is taking a major shift in direction. The last few Resident Evil games were more action-oriented and kind of abandoned in the horror elements. 526 more words


The New Horror Game Classics

Open up any blog post, magazine, or book on horror video games, and you’ll see the same two names repeated as the staple “classics” of the genre: Capcom’s  776 more words

Brennan Williams celebrates Pokemon 20 years

Former professional football player and professional wrestler “The Shaolin of the Squared Circle” Brennan Williams gives a special congratulations to Pokemon for celebrating its 20th anniversary. 34 more words


Here’s why it’s a good thing Pokémon GO’s capture sessions aren’t in a third-person view

Yeah, it’s a bummer that you can’t see your Pokémon Trainer’s cool clothes, but there’s an upside to keeping your avatar out of the on-screen action. 302 more words


Madden 15 "The Perfect Season" Game #1 Vs Dallas Cowboys.

The San Francisco 49ers have announced their new head coach. Michael Opolski who is a life long fan will now be taking over of the team as head coach. 726 more words

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