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Digimon Topics: Ryo Akiyama Part 1: The Anime

Ryo Akiyama is a very confusing character within the chronology of Digimon. He first appears in the anime in the film Our War Game! We see him watching the events unfold on his computer screen as WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon fight Diaboromon to save the internet, the Digital World, and the Real World especially from the very real threat of nuclear ICMBs that Diaboromon set off and sent toward Japan, and Colorado (in the English dub). 549 more words


Dude's Chronicles 12-14-2017: That One Before Christmas

Since I didn’t post last week I’ll try to make up for it a bit by going a little long here. *** SPOILERS – I many not post next week either. 1,320 more words

Volume Review (PS4)

Developed by Mike Bethell games and released worldwide for the PS4 & Steam on 18th August 2015, with the Vita version arriving the following January, Volume is an appealing indie title accumulating of three things. 1,025 more words


Review: Letter Quest Remastered For The Nintendo Switch

What’s going on everyone.  It’s BigMigz about to drop some serious knowledge on you guys.  Today I’m going tell you guys about a great fun Indie Game for the whole family.  516 more words

The Star Wars Battlefront II Debacle Reveals a Growing Problem in Gaming

“Microtransactions” is the buzzword that is getting thrown around in conjunction with the still-brewing controversy surrounding EA, DICE, and their upcoming title Star Wars Battlefront II, and you can read all about that situation… 338 more words

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Serial Cleaner Review

I’ve got a new article on Next Gen Gaming Blog! Check it out – http://ift.tt/2AZTT6R


Update to Xenoblade Chronicles 2

I’ve finally found a bit more time to play XC2 and other than the slightly inappropriate armor and not so great English voices, the game is great. 474 more words

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