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Games to Get Excited About - December 2016

Hello and welcome to our final installment of Games to Get Excited About for 2016. Of course, its December, so most of the high profile releases for the year have already released and a number of titles that I would have used this feature to talk about have been delayed into 2017. 601 more words


5 Consoles You Never Knew Existed

Although, it might not be that big a deal when it comes to consoles. You’ve heard of the PlayStation, the Xbox, and all those other consoles you are familiar with. 487 more words


26: Same Pokémon New Look

                Now that I have had more time with Moon I have five more Pokémon in my PokeDex. This also goes with the two new Pokémon I obtained in Pokémon X. 374 more words


Star Wars The Old Republic The Eternal Throne story arc.

(Attention, there will be spoilers going forward.)

Once again we return to a galaxy far far away and we are thrown right into a war against the former Emperor’s sister Vaylin as she goes on a psychotic rampage across the galaxy. 577 more words


Pokémon Nicknames: Pyukumuku

“Alola cousins!” Have you seen that new Pokémon on the beach?

Pyukumuku (in Japanese: ナマコブシ  “Namakobushi” ) is a Water-type Pokémon of the Alola Region. 591 more words

Pop Culture

Pokemon Sun and Moon comparison video: Gameplay on Nintendo 3DS vs. New 3DS

Pokemon Sun and Moon can be enjoyed on both the standard Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS systems. But on the newer device, gameplay is noticeably smoother – as demonstrated in the video below:


Top Video Games Of The 80's

Retro games from the 80’s. Talk about a blast from the past. How many did you play? Did you have a favorite? 22 more words