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XCOM: Classic Ironman - Season 1 Episode 3


An alien UFO has been shot down in Brazil by our amazing pilots at XCOM. The order comes from above – we need to investigate the crash, clear the area of an aliens and see what technology we can scrounge up. 1,759 more words

Jeff Hogan

2015 Video Game Awards

Here you can find all of my 2015 Video Game Awards (celebrating the best of 2014) in one convenient place.

Best Music

Best Sound

Best Local Multiplayer… 21 more words

Video Games

Daily Paint 45 - The IGN reviewer

I am not too happy with commercial game review sites at the moment.  Many are not honest and have no integrity.  I was originally going to rant but I decided against it. 37 more words


Playing Video Games

I was one of those lucky children who had one of the first video games that came out – Atari ping pong. I would play against my Dad, brother and sister until I could beat all of them. 240 more words

Writing (all Kinds)

Why I dislike Gamestop

Now I will admit I do occasionally shop at Gamestop, I know almost all of us gamers have at some point or another, that being said I keep trying to get further and further away from them as I can, After being caught reprinting and price gouging Xenoblade, to selling opened games that employees have taken home as new, or the horrible trade values compared to price of the game, I’m just sick of it to the point of it’s not worth it. 236 more words


New Videos - DmC Devil May Cry Season Finale! And Another Fahrenheit Episode! (3/5/2015)

The Season Finale for DmC Devil May Cry arriveth!

Also, another Fahrenheit episode, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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