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How To Play Basic I-IV-V Rock or Blues Pattern in Any Key

Quick lesson to get you up and playing the I-IV-V Rock and/or Blues progression in any key, without the need to know music theory. We tune-up, I give an example of the progression, then show how to figure them out on your own, using the low-E string and power chords. 183 more words


Allman Brothers - It's Not My Cross To Bear - guitar solo lesson at 3/4 speed with tab

I’m learning all of the songs from the 1969 self-titled Allman Brothers Band, and post the full and three-quarter speed demos to help you learn them. 258 more words


Dickey Betts - "Don't Want You No More" - 3/4-speed guitar solo lesson - with tab

I’m learning all of the songs from the 1969 self-titled Allman Brothers Band. This piece is the Dickey Betts guitar solo from “Don’t Want You No More” performed at three-quarter speed to make it easier to learn. 230 more words


Dickey Betts "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" Guitar Lesson

Dickey Betts and his son Duane Betts show you how to play “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”. This is easily one of my favorite songs by Dickey Betts. 97 more words


Joe Bonamassa's Gibson Les Paul tone tips guitar lesson

Joe Bonamassa, master blues-guitarist shows just how versatile a Gibson Les Paul can be, by running straight into the amp, using no pedals. By using nothing more than different pickup selections and tone/volume pot adjustments, he gets a surprisingly wide variation in sounds, from clean to dirty, and much in-between. 92 more words


Blues Guitar Lesson by Billy Gibbons of ZZ TOP

Billy Gibbons, master blues-guitarist of ZZ TOP fame teaches basic blues progression and some of his favorite licks.

Check out my latest blues instrumental:

This is my latest album of original songs, please download it here: 70 more words