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Don't Think About It

This farbrengen with Rabbi Manis Friedman was given to Crown Heights bochurim and men. The primary issue addressed was the often misunderstood approach of Hesech Hadaas… 25 more words


A Subject No One Wants To Talk About

This class with Rabbi Manis Friedman was given to kolel yungerleit exploring the objective of Shlichus.

This video highlight of Rabbi Manis Friedman is an excerpt from… 31 more words


A Life Almost Not Worth Living

In a sefer recently released about the famous chosid Reb Peretz Mochkin there is a fascinating story relating to a famousĀ sicha said by the Rebbe Rashab in 1914. 48 more words


Let's Go To The Sources

This video highlight is from a panel discussion with Rabbi Manis Friedman and Rabbi Yossi Paltiel exploring the ever controversial subject of: Does G-d need Your M… 62 more words


#Event | #NEPA2015 Video highlights by Team360 Media Production

CUNSA (Carleton’s Nigerian Students Association) recently concluded its annual NEPA celebration a few months back. This time they hosted CEO Dancers amongst other great performances including CBG, Mo ILLZ, TeniEntertainer and more. 31 more words