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SACI Digital Multimedia show at Cartavetra Gallery, Florence


SACI Digital Multimedia Exhibition

Cartavetra Gallery, Florence – Italy

Alexia Almeida, Emily Ambach, Rose Bishop, Rachel Gjersvik, Haley Madigan, Tyron Mah, Dana Schwartz, Bianca Scofield… 184 more words

Art Exhibitions & Events In Florence

.15th april, video art editing.

I spent hours today compiling my footage and creating a video that I thought looked really good, this time also included downloading all extra video files that I needed in my piece. 83 more words

Video Installation.

Video Art Installation Evaluation

I started the project by researching other video art installations ,such as ‘Andy Warhol’s – Empire’ and ‘Amie Siege’s’ – Gotta go your own way’. I also researched violence in films and violence in real life ,as an opposition to this I also looked at calming things and what makes people happy .another aspect i researched was football hooligans which is similar  to my focus group scene. 294 more words

Video Installation

Video Art Editing


I have began the edit for video art. I have three bins labbeled audio ,video and titles. i also have sequences set up for the main project and the montages. 71 more words

Video Installation

.13th april, video art shoot.

For the first half of the day I ventured out into the wilderness of Kings Lynn with two friends (Mark & James) to shoot the remainder of my Video Art project. 122 more words

Video Installation.

Container - Video Installtion

CONTAINER – video installation created for the LEVEL Centre, Derbyshire, UK. This installation is a part of a process to create a video wall for a touring performance entitled SENSE. 252 more words

Andrew Williams

SACI MFA student and 2 alumni exhibit their work in 3 different exhibitions in Florence this week

Jorge Eielson, Vittorio Tolu, Gianni Ruffi, Luca Matti & Anna Rose

March 31-April 29, 2016

Opening: March 31 at 5pm

Chiostro in Azione – Biblioteca Umanistica, Piazza Brunelleschi 4, Florence – ITALY… 661 more words

Art Exhibitions & Events In Florence