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Video Production 2 - Project 3

A video about the electronic power symbol. There is a focus on the initial audio buzz  as the light turns on with a flicker of the symbol outlining the picture to queue the rest of the video. 79 more words


Noise & Silence - Production 2

The video Noise & Silence is is based on cultural trends to provide the theme that is Silence vs Noise. The initial noise invades the residents of someones quiet space causing them to move to another space. 43 more words


Production 2 - Storyboard

A storyboard for the visuals based on the ideological movements of silence and noise as well as divine living. The shots within the main characters room will be mainly consist of flat space and minimalism to emphasize the limited items of interest in a quiet setting. 35 more words


Production 2 - Exercise Journal 1

A video of that uses the noise feature to manipulate the different effects on the background. An initial noise animation if created initially with contrasting black and white mosaic effects. 18 more words


Holiday Greetings!

Wishing everyone the happiest of holidays and a prosperous 2018!