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Where to buy Edelkrone SiderPlus v2?

Can't find where to buy the Edelkrone SliderPlus v2, did this product get discontinued? The one I'm talking about is the black version of the slider. 10 more words

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Need advice, is this A7sii package worth $2800??

Looking to upgrade my camera (currently only have a 60D) as I get more in to videography, and a friend is offering to sell me the following package for $2800: 61 more words

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Have anyone used the original Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera metabones speedboster on the new black magic pocket 4k ????

I've read a ton of different answers, some say it should, other say only with full frame lenses, other say it would project a vignette and others say it will DEFINITELY damage the sensor cause the glass elements are further back. 10 more words

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What do you do when clients ask for footage and/or project files when it's not specified in the contract?

Obviously I've now learned that it needs to be in the contract, and I'm thinking about what exactly to include. What do you all do when this comes up, what do your contracts say, and why? 10 more words

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is it a pain using Pro Mist Filters if you are constantly changing lenses?

Haven't purchased yet – I’m using Zeiss ZF primes with 82mm lens rings in the C200.

Thinking about getting a screw on filter but this going to be a pain to screw on and off every time. 35 more words

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The Benefits of Corporate Video Production

Video production has changed the way we view the world. It allows us to see and understand what is being presented without the tediousness of reading small print text. 601 more words

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How do I Advertise my Business ?

I‘m in Germany and started videography about a year ago as a hobby. I’m at point where I feel confident enough to offer my services, but I just don’t know where to start. 59 more words

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