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Relationships With Negative People Might Emotioanlly Drain You

Those little habits that we ignore when we are first dating can seem so much more obvious later on. Negative people and their effect on those who love them can be one of those overlooked traits. 786 more words

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Sexy and bold: How feeling sexy can improve your life

You don’t have to have to have the perfect body to be considered sexy. Being and feeling sexy comes in many forms. Sometimes women are afraid to feel sexy because it might send the wrong message, but when you feel sexy, the confidence you exude is irresistible. 407 more words

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Sacred Sex Opens a Gateway

Nearly everyone does it, has done it, or will do it. It is the single most important thing in continuing human life. It can create new life. 588 more words

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What is the Difference Between Sensuality and Sexuality?

In an earlier post, 5 Ways to Make Sex Sensual, we said, “when you hear the word “sensual” you are most likely going to relate it to something sexual.” This may not ring true in all cultures, but the majority of Americans do create a direct correlation between sensuality and sexuality in their minds. 719 more words


Depression and Letting of Negative Thoughts

When negative thoughts hit your brain, it’s tempting to struggle with them and try to shove a more positive thought in there. In the day-to-day reality of someone’s thinking, this doesn’t really work. 698 more words

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