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Ode to Blockbuster


did it get so complicated to watch a show

Man, I fucking

just want to watch something

Not go through

ten thousand channels

They say to watch this show or that but… 141 more words


Video Store clerks will be missed

It’s true, the self-absorbed, know-it-all (I can say this because I was one) video store clerks will actually be missed. With technology going the way it is, it seem the video store clerk has been replaced by algorithms on popular movie sites. 151 more words


Horror Video Ads from the '80s!

Long before the Internet — before Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, and whatever else people use to search and share information nowadays — details on the latest movies releases (especially the more obscure titles, especially horror titles) were a lot harder to come by. 259 more words


Annoying Characters: Mother Superior from Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

One of the main reasons that Billy Caldwell lost his mind. This bitch. She treated this poor boy so bad. She beat him with a belt and tied him up to his bed when he had a nightmare. 37 more words


Episode 6: VHS Box Art!

A panagurggle hack-job of turn-of-the-century German cabaret.

Rob & Buddy skip hand in hand down memory lane to a simpler time when walls of gory, shocking, horrifying artwork would loom over them every time they went to the video store. 18 more words

Big Human Dead

Beware the Stars

We see them everywhere – five in a row, fine outlines, sometimes colored, sometimes not. We rely on the stars so much for guidance, and yet they are flawed. 782 more words