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Long Live the Video Store

Continuing on from the blast from the past theme. (For those who don’t know)Yes, it’s a video rental store. I saw this yesterday in a small seaside town in Kent, Broadstairs. 95 more words


Last Day at the Video Store!!!!!!!

Hi Internet People,

Guys!! Hey guys!!! Guys!!!! It’s my last day at the video store!!!! LAST DAY AT THE VIDEO STORE!!!!!!! See that, see the excitement, I’m so excited!!!! 645 more words

Little Bits Of Random


ARTISTS BEHIND THE IMAGE is intended to put a name (and sometimes face) to the talented men and women who created the most iconic images to adorn horror VHS boxes and posters from ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. 344 more words


7 Horrible Slasher Flicks

Slicing and dicing! The following are 7 horrible slasher flicks. The slasher is probably my favorite subgenre of horror, so this should be easy since I’ve seen a lot. 181 more words


VHS Art Appreciation #2- The Willies (1990)

Hello, fiends! It’s me, Cory and I’m here with every man’s friend, The Video Mummy. Today, we’re going to share our appreciation of the art for the 1990 classic horror anthology that you probably never heard of, The Willies! 429 more words


How Technology is Eroding the Specialness of Film

Something you don’t understand when you’re young is how the world you grew up in will gradually vanish and be incrementally replaced until you finally no longer recognise it. 1,172 more words