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Opening Title Sequence

Opening titles

I am a former video store manager (you remember those, right? Places you actually had to go to get a copy of the latest movie rental release). 81 more words


Wretched & Glorious-- "Troll 2"

We bring you a cautionary tale. . . . . the worst movie ever made. But “brace yourselves”, you will certainly be entertained.

Following in the path of “Gremlins”, “Critters”, and “Ghoulies”– it was on the rack of low-rent schlock in your local video-mart’s horror section. 267 more words

Randal Graves is my Spirit Animal

Or: Tales of Human Triumph and VHS Pornography

In my younger days I worked at a mom and pop video store in my home town, where I spent my time in a state of perpetual shiftless bastardom. 1,259 more words

Pop Culture

The Ultimate Trailer Tape Haul!

Yes we’ve managed to get our hands on quite an incredible Trailer Tape haul, a huge collection of 59 vintage trailer tapes all from the 1980s and early 1990s, but just where did they all come from? 269 more words

My Moment With Wes

“Horror films don’t create fear. They release it.”
Wes Craven

From a young age, I knew that my hobby, my passion, was different from the other kids. 1,063 more words

Getting To Know Me

The Video Store

I worked at a video store.  Did I ever tell you that?  Last night after locking the door, I put my key inside of a movie case and slid it through the night drop.   232 more words


Stardust Video and Coffee

So, for all you civilians residing in Orlando, we have a treat for you because we found a hot new spot.

It’s called Stardust Video and Coffee located in Orlando, not too far from Park Avenue and Downtown Orlando. 198 more words