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Spoken Canvases- An Illustrated Video Story

This is my first illustrated video story! I created this a while back and thought it would be great to share it here.

Inspired by online Flash stories, children’s books, and comics, I wanted to create a story that will touch people’s hearts. 13 more words


UT Students Learn About Swing Culture Through Dance

By Ben Torres and Christine Vanderwater

The Texas Swing Dance Society, which meets weekly, helps students to develop their swing dancing skills while fostering an appreciation of swing culture and love for social dance. 52 more words


The Tale of the Bookish Baby-sitter

Your imagination is a treasure chest! Everyone is a story-teller and an author :-)

(This film might be little scary for kids under 10, but it has a lovely ending and a beautiful lesson)



Video Transcript

What would you think if I told you that you had the power to live the life of your dreams?

What would you think if I told you that you had the power to overcome what you think are obstacles and to achieve what you think is impossible. 800 more words


Hanging Out at Blue Lapis Light

By Mary Layne Strieber, Elizabeth Vineyard, and Jessica Taylor

Submitted May 5, 2015

Blue Lapis Light is an Aerial Dance studio located near Austin that provides private classes for people of all ages who want to learn the dance form. 28 more words


See? Phubbing is Hurting the One You Love

Phubbing means the annoying habit of ignoring someone in a social situation by busying yourself with a phone or other mobile devices. With the proliferation of mobile Internet, we gradually become addicted to our phones, chatting, searching,entertaining and socializing. 75 more words


Remington Finds a Home

Disclaimer: This story is about my family’s journey through the adoption process and finding the perfect dog.

Jim and Sharon Rorick were unsure about the idea of pet adoption, but with the price for puppies as high as it was they decided that giving a displaced dog a new home was a cause they could support. 514 more words

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