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Video tutorial: 2 quick and easy paper pinwheel quilt blocks

These two blocks look very much the same but one of them is a 3D block.

How to make 2 paper pinwheel quilt blocks

Learn to make this block in over 3 minutes: 32 more words


Row by Row JAYG (or, the boomerang join) 

Hi, y’all! I’ve developed a new joining method called “Row by Row Join as you go” – or the “boomerang join” as I’ve nicknamed it. This was also my very first YouTube video tutorial on… 323 more words


Creating games that save (Education stream)

Brian talks about save states and menu systems

Created: 10 Mar 2015
Creator: Project Spark
Length: 51:14
Level: Intermediate
Type: Koding skills

Video Tutorial

Speechcraft system (Education stream)

Brian and Thomas devise an emote/conversation system

Created: 18 Mar 2015
Creator: Project Spark
Length: 1:13:30
Level: Intermediate
Type: Quest

Video Tutorial

Controlling Champion brains (Education stream)

Zack and Brian discuss the Champions

Created: 13 Apr 2015
Creator: Project Spark
Length: 54:54
Level: Intermediate
Type: Character design

Video Tutorial

Conker Mechanics (Education Stream)

Brian and Thomas show off the then new Conker pack

Created: 14 Apr 2015
Creator: Project Spark
Length: 1:05:22
Level: Intermediate
Type: Prop design

Video Tutorial