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November Video Update

I haven’t written a lot this month, but I have been busy! This past month we played with airplanes and animal puppets at kindergarten, I traveled back to Hengyang to visit old friends, and I explored new places in Guangzhou.

Check it out here:


DFS: Week 15, Some Housekeeping and the Holidays

The video where I talk about how the Holidays got complicated and changed this year, and the future of these videos after November.

If you are wondering why my dog is in the background in this video (because he usually isn’t), it’s because we are still having some renovations done to the outside of our house, so he was hanging out with me.

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October Video Update

One of my goals for this year in China is to document my time here more. Living and working in China is exciting and challenging – some days are spent traveling and trying new things, and a lot of other days are spent teaching and communicating with mostly Chinese people. 45 more words

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