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'All My Children' Actor David Canary Dies at 77

An Emmy-winning actor and star of the ABC soap opera “All My Children” has died.

David Canary died at the age of 77, ABC News reports… 196 more words


Video Vault - Daughter

Daughter are back with a new album January 2016 entitled “Not to Disappear” and their second single from it is called Numbers. A beautifully crafted music video accompanies the eerie lullaby drones of the band which turns a lady of tarot or mysticism into a killer with one look.


Video Vault - Oskar Schuster

Oskar Schuster is an extraordinary pianist whom is criminally underrated and his new album Tristesse Telescopique is a masterclass of emotional piano based suites. “Damascus” is the single and paired with the olde styled music video is squal parts beautiful and eerie – a bit like a Tim Burton film soundtrack! 11 more words


Video Vault - Benedict Benjamin

Formerly of UK indie band The Mariner’s Children, Ben Rubinstein has gone solo and is approaching releasing his first solo album called Night Songs next year. 61 more words


Video Vault - Unalaska

Here’s one for the travellers, the flyers and the landscape lovers. Unalaska’s quirky atmospheric rock and electronica hybrid makes for a great musical background to five years of travel footage aboard planes, trains, boats and cable cars. 58 more words


Math Monday-What is Lattice Multiplication?

Sometimes students just get stuck. Even worse, parents sometimes insist their child learn how to do something the way they learned it.

Our Program of Studies requires students to develop a personal strategy to do long multiplication, which means if the traditional algorithm isn’t working for them, it’s up to teachers to help students find a way that works. 161 more words


Introducing... Kathryn Joseph

Kathryn Joseph absolutely deserved to win Scottish Album of the Year 2015 from the SAY awards. Her music is so murky and awkwardly beautiful you can’t help but be drawn in. 51 more words