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Video Vault - Bat For Lashes

She’s back with her new album next week and the video for new track “Sunday Love” came out Friday. It feels similar to “Daniel” to me in the verses, but I like that she’s returning to a more darker and melodic tone like her first two albums. 24 more words


Video Vault - Garbage

I am so delighted that one of my childhood bands are still kicking ass 20 years later and sounding just as good as they did when they launched into the rock world. 30 more words


Video Vault - Saint Sister

After loving the EP last year, I’m really enjoying the story telling that Saint Sister use in their music videos. The two so far feel connected and slightly eerie in a little girls are spooky kinda way. 35 more words


Video Vault - Son Lux

I do love Son Lux’s music and his videos have been equally weird and wonderful. The latest one to promote his new EP “Stranger Forms” has some fantastic imagery. 64 more words


Video Vault - Novo Amor & Ed Tullett

Having only recently discovered Ed Tullett, I was delighted to see this amazingly creative video about how sometimes people hurt themselves to get someone’s love. The track itself is the second time Ed and Novo Amor have collaborated and is part of an ongoing series between the two. 20 more words


Video Vault: Filing Taxes the 'Old-Fashioned Way'

Every year for the last 15 years, the number of people who e-filed their taxes has increased.

Last year, 91 percent of taxpayers filed their taxes online. 66 more words

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Video Vault 97: Nick Cave

It’s rare that artists release works that rank among their most accomplished decades-deep into their career. Chalk it up to rock n’ roll culture’s “better to burn out than fade away” mentality, or finite creative reserves if you will. 290 more words

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