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Finally finished "Batman: Arkham Knight" for the PS4, amazing game... best of the Arkham series for sure!

So over the week, I finally finished “Batman: Arkham Knight”. The 4th game of the Arkham series. This is pretty much why I wanted a Playstation 4 ’cause I wanted to play “Arkham Knight”. 462 more words

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Playstation 4 so far...

So I just bought the PS4 this year and had it for a little while. I’ve bought 8 games for it so far and currently playing “Batman: Arkham Knight” right now. 239 more words

Videogame News

NX details: incoming!

Last year Nintendo promised more NX news in 2016. Well, were almost three quarters of the way past 2016, and so far there’s been no official news about the upcoming Nintendo Gaming system.  43 more words