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[REVIEW] War Is (Micromanaging) Hell: Men of War 2- Assault Squad

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with micromanaging. It forces people to focus on the priority rather than just mindlessly spamming units. If you ask me, the idea that you could even select a specific type of ammunition for your tank to engage a specific target at a specific location is AWESOME! 593 more words


Ludum Dare 42: New Game! Protocol: 47

It’s Ludum Dare time again and as per usually we’ve created another daft game. The theme was ‘Running out of space’ and this is what we made. 145 more words


Whinging Aloud - Episode 61

We didn’t watch or play any big new releases this week, so Sam and I cover just about everything else that happened recently, and in the process don’t really focus on anything in particular; recent announcements, reveals and controversies from the worlds of TV, Movies and Videogames, and we even get in some politics talk! 26 more words


No Man’s Sky – An Anomaly’s Journey (V)

//Manual Event Log Opened//
//Report 0008//

The Anomaly comes for the stars. Take flight.

These are the words which awaited me at my destination, recorded over the Black Box archive of the crashed ship’s final moments. 2,255 more words


No Man’s Sky – An Anomaly’s Journey (IV)

//Manual Event Log Opened//
//Report 0004//
//Log Date: Euclid Galaxy/Adiyshl-Slis System/Tuzesinto VI/Sol 7//

I’ve spent the past six Sols poring through the Base Computer. It wasn’t hard to find the materials to set it up, and since I was already lugging around the portable refinery I made back on Desboniu Major there wasn’t much effort involved other than that. 2,178 more words


Wunderdoktor [2017]

Step into the role of the Wunderdoktor, a traveling doctor whose daily work is to cure rare and exotic diseases. Explore a world full of quackery, ghosts and addictive potions.

United States

No Man’s Sky – An Anomaly’s Journey (III)

//Manual Event Log Opened//
//Report 0003//
//Log Date: Euclid Galaxy/Adiyshl-Slis System/Desboniu Major/Sol 3//

I ascended to the stars soon after awakening. As I expected, I was immediately blown away by the sheer massive beauty if it all. 664 more words