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Youtube Let's Play Skyrim: Part 3

If you’re still around, its part 3! http://youtu.be/52XTa0roxJI

Head back over to our YouTube channel and watch part 3 of our journey together through Skyrim. Join us as we return the dragonstone to Farengar Secret-Fire and see what else the Jarl of Whiterun may have in store for us!

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Fiber Arts in Video Games: Twilight Princess

I held off on posting this until I finished replaying the game, but nothing else in it stuck out to me.  Sorry for the glare on the top pic. 332 more words

Fiber Arts

Did I Actually Just Finish Dark Souls?

Yes.  Yes, I did.

So, for the record, I made it a full 24 hours between finishing Demon’s Souls and buying Dark Souls from Steam.  I had grandiose plans to wait for a sale, but it turned out that I really, really needed some more of the same sort of game. 585 more words


Journey Collector's Edition (PS4) Review

The Journey Collector’s Edition is made up of flOw, Flower and Journey; developed by Thatgamecompany who is synonymous for creating games with simple plots, stunning visuals and fantastic soundtracks. 689 more words


NHS #14: Outlast 2, Nový Battlefield a Cyberpunk 2077(!!!)

Dnes je sobota 30. apríla a prinášam ďaľšiu várku noviniek z herného sveta, čo stoja za tvoju pozornosť.

-Začnime niečím strašidelným. Perfektá horrorovka Outlast dostane pokračovanie s názvom  338 more words


17 ways the Rich think differently-THAN THE POOR

17 ways the Rich think differently-OUTDIROADTV SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL THANK YOU!! The RICH think differently from poor I have separated the thinking differences into two sets, once set which is first listed are my set of differences while the second set is from a video which I thought has a fantastic content worth […]


Multimedia Design Certificate class #6

As of today, I received a Certificate of Completion for the class, Digital Video Filmmaking and Adobe Premiere- Level 2.