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Will Super Mario Odyssey be hella boring?

I’m pretty excited for Super Mario Odyssey. I’ve watched Nintendo’s trailers, put down my $5 on a pre-order, listened to podcasts, and ruthlessly avoided reading the 10/10 Edge review. 629 more words


2017 Challenges: September Recap

Make 10 new cosplays (including one entirely from scratch)
I love starting these posts off positively, only to watch them go rapidly downhill. As always, 10 new cosplays is the least of my problems. 282 more words


Hold Held Gone

Hold held gone

What we said

What went wrong

Along the way

Along the route

We hold held gone

And I think

We were all wrong


Happy Dungeons (PS4)

I love mmos. It may surprise you given my opinion of Destiny 2 (click here for more on that), but if an mmo sells itself as such I’ve no problem with it. 883 more words


On Memory and Nier: Automata

“Commencing deletion of all data”

I am looking at the screen, but I cannot press the button.

The prompt is right there, flashing at the bottom of the screen.

1,394 more words

Got me one of those Super Nintendo Classics

So launch day came for the Super Nintendo Classic Mini and instead of heading out to the local Walmart I managed to sleep in until 7 am, the time it opens. 200 more words