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League of Legends North American play-offs come to a close

This past Sunday the League of Legends Spring-Split play-offs came to a close with a best of five between the top two North American teams, Team Solo Mid and Cloud 9. 108 more words


The difference between RPGs and RP-Gs.

My new piece is live as of now, and I call out the good reasons for that hyphen.

Head over to GameSkinny and give it gander!

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Cheating: Then and Now

I still remember the first time I experienced cheating. I was in kindergarten and playing a dinosaur-themed version of checkers with a classmate named Braden. The game started out well enough; we moved our checker pieces- delightfully modeled as rubber T-Rexes- across the iconic grid, each space colored to look like rock and lava. 657 more words

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News Highlights for Monday April 20th

Matthew Armstrong has left Gearbox Software. Armstrong, who was credited as a writer and game design director for the original Borderlands, has announced he left Gearbox Software on his Twitter account. 220 more words


An Ode To Vampire Bloodlines the Masquerade...(TROIKA)

To date you remain my favorite video game. I’m not quite sure what it is about you? The fact I played you into the wee hours of the morning when I was 15. 450 more words


Life Update

Here we go with blog attempt #8086969. A little bit of an explanation for this name: 1216 = 408 (where I stay now) + 808 (where I been staying and occasionally go back to stay for vacation). 435 more words