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Bragi. My First Smite God Design

Written and Designed by (ItsSquilly)


New Norse God : Bragi

God of Music and Poetry (Mage)


Bragi is the Norse God of Music and Poetry, he is one of the sons of the God Odin. 269 more words


Capcom Fighting All-Stars: The Fight for the Future Character Storylines: Zero

Some storyline that I’ve made for Zero for Capcom Fighting All-Stars: The Fight for the Future (A fanmade concept that I came up). 😊

Creating Feeling in Simple Games

Pippin Barr’s Breaksout takes the retro game known by most people and creates something unique and entertaining. In the original, the player controls a paddle and moves left and right in order to catch a falling ball and cause it to bounce. 325 more words

Ulasan (Permainan Video) - [Mods DOOM] D4T V2.1 (Death Foretold)

Korang nak main game DOOM 2016 tapi PC atau laptop korang tak cukup power? Apa akan jadi jika baru digabungkan dengan yang lama? Jangan risau jawapannya ada pada mod D4T V2.1 atau Death Foretold V2.1 yang meletakkan himpunan senjata dan raksasa dari game DOOM 2016 ke dalam game original DOOM 1993. 400 more words

EVO's exclusion of Marvel Vs. Capcom [2018 Edition]

Regardless of a disappointment in reaction to the most nominally recognized Fighting-game tournament’s lineup exclusion of Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite from their upcomingly 2018 Championship Series, a level-headed attitude is the mature thing to do. 460 more words


Ulasan (Permainan Video) - [Mods DOOM] Brutal DOOM V21

Selepas beberapa tahun mod untuk game lagenda DOOM iaitu Brutal Doom V20 R telah dikeluarkan. Pada bulan Disember tahun 2015, pencipta mod tersebut, Sergeant Mark IV telah mengeluarkan mod Brutal DOOM yang telah diubah suai supaya menjadi lebih baik dan memukau iaitu Brutal DOOM Version 21 (BD V21). 466 more words

Destiny 2 Vendors Will Allow Players to Buy Gear Directly in New Update

Bungie was supposed to have a livestream for Curse of Osiris yesterday Tuesday, 29 but instead, Bungie canceled that an gave us a blog post that responds to the growing concerns of the community towards Bungie. 917 more words