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On The Perils Of Over-Specialization

So, several more Dark Souls 3 bosses down and I am chugging along towards the fourth Extra Bad Big Bad Guy because the Dark Souls series seems fixated on the Rule of Four. 319 more words


Overwatch: First Impressions

I personally believe a multiplayer only shooter not since Team Fortress 2 and maybe to an extent, Counter-Strike as conveyed this much personality in a game and as been not as much fun since those two games released in 2007 and the 1990’s. 625 more words


Fluid movement in videogames

As assiduous StackOverflow reader/contributor i’ve run in more than one (and dozen) questions about movement in video games, today we are going to discuss the magic of movement and the maths involved, lets go. 234 more words


Se viene PES 2017!!!! Al igual que el año pasado...

La novedad del día! Konami ha anunciado el PES 2017, que según dicen será muy distinto a la versión de este año. Con nuevos gráficos y una mejora en la jugabilidad, pueden ver el detalle… 403 more words


What The Shiny Future Of Games Looks Like

I was watching Extra Credits and the Game Theorists, as I usually do anytime I get on the internet, and both sites showed some videos of an important topic. 657 more words


5 things you must do in Fallout 4: Far Harbor

Far Harbor gives you even more territory to explore and inevitably die in, and of course it is covered in quests to half complete and then forget about – although that could just be me to be honest. 485 more words


The Butterfly Sign

May 2016
PC/Steam, Possibly consoles later on
Developers: Quantum Phoenix
Publishers: Quantum Phoenix

   When a terrorist attack strikes Memority Mental Hospital stealing an experimental medicine called Rammex, and killing all within except one eye witness, Jack loses all of his memories.  238 more words