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Blog Post #4 Open Topic: Lighting and Composition in Alien: Isolation

Blog Post #4: Open Topic

Lighting and Composition in Alien: Isolation

This blog post focusses on lighting and composition in the first person survival horror Alien: Isolation (SEGA, 2014), that is based around the Alien movie franchise. 548 more words

Can I Play?

Not many games exist that can keep my attention.
Especially when I’m playing in my favorite position.
And when I’m looking into the screens you call your eyes… 213 more words

Early Bird?

I always hate when it goes from 11:59 pm to 12:00 am because it’s now the 26th instead of the 25th. It’s a different day even though a minute ago it was yesterday… or today. 52 more words


The Violent Catharsis of Mafia 3

When games give me a choice, I tend to behave morally.  Sure, I’ll steal some precious currency now and then, and kill the odd NPC who gets on my nerves, but generally I try to be a good guy.  1,061 more words


Caution on Craigslist

As a child, my mother and grandmother warned me about the dangers of deals that looked too good to be true. Initially, the inexperience of youth prevented from understanding their wise words, but as I aged, that advice never left me. 652 more words

Classic Video Games

Two of a Kind: An Inside Look at Artist Pel's 'Bink! Visual Mixtape'

Even if you’ve never heard of legendary hip hop producer Bink!, you’ve definitely danced to his music. He is credited with plenty of bangers, including Rick Ross’ “Santorini Greece (Rather You Than Me),” Jay Z’s “1-900-Hustler,” and Mr. 605 more words

The Front

Project Rap Rabbit and Contemporary Kickstarter Cynicism

However bad-mannered, you can point fingers to where and why current Kickstarter projects feel as though they’ve had their wind knocked out. Mighty No. 9… 956 more words

Keiji Inafune