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What does it mean when a videogame is accessible? There is accessibility in the vital sense: closed captions, colorblind modes, modular difficulty, freedom to rebind troublesome controls, adapted peripherals, and so on. 1,244 more words


NES Hack Lets the Mario Bros. Play Together

Being relegated to player two used to be a mark of disgrace in the 8-bit era of videogames. Between never being to select a level and having to wait your turn to play, the second player experience was decidedly third rate. 260 more words

Nintendo Hacks

How the Xbox Was Hacked

The millennium: a term that few had any use for before 1999, yet seemingly overnight it was everywhere. The turning of the millenium permeated every facet of pop culture. 922 more words


The first time I played Oblivion...

I got to choose whether I wanted to play as a male, or as a female.

And I finally clued in to the fact that this was important. 273 more words

Video Games

The geography of video games

Le Monde recently published a fascinating cultural analysis of Red Dead Redemption 2, a massive AAA video game production set in the US in the late 19th century. 680 more words



“Play to win, literally.”

power on and play

Parents for years have told their children that life is not all about playing games. Then you see over the years how gaming has become so lucrative. 491 more words

The Annoyingly Realistic DMV Experience of Fallout 76

In the first few days of launch, my party and I have done many things that¬†Fallout 76¬†offers. Mostly run and explore, but we also have been joining all the game’s factions. 343 more words