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The Arkham Quest. 100% or Bust.

A while ago, I bought Batman: Arkham Knight and the season pass for my Xbox One. I had played through the original two Arkham Games and skipped Origins because I heard it wasn’t good and it wasn’t part of the real trilogy. 461 more words

Toxic League

So, from time to time, much like many others, I enjoy playing online, one of my favourites of late, aside from Destiny 2, has been Rocket League. 455 more words


The Bees and the Brontosauruses

Or is it Brontosauri? Let’s start with the Bees…

Manchester is a hive of activity at the moment with ‘Bee in the City’ in full flight (I could work for a tabloid). 761 more words

Are Movies Doing It Right? + Giveaway

Over the past while, I’ve started growing my Blu-ray collection. Back in the day, you bought a Blu-ray and that was it. What I’m noticing now, much to my surprise, is Blu-rays are often packed in these combo releases. 948 more words


Thanos Quote

About a month ago, I mentioned that I’d pulled a copy of Destiny out of a bargain bin for rather less than the price of a cup of coffee* and that it had been good for a solid 15 hours of running around and playing Insert Bullet A into Alien Menace B. 651 more words


Episode 49.5B: Hammers and Switchaxes

Woo wee! Hello everyone! This week we talk about our personal weeks, video game news, and games we’ve played. And oh have we played some games. 59 more words