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As Book Season Approaches ...

As book season approaches with a new photo book from my holidays, now a tradition in my family, and another one I did while drunk I thought I’d share someone elses fascination with making books. 81 more words


Handmade Books 1

Mucking around with print companies like Blurb, Lulu.com and Huggler is one thing but making a book with your own hands is something way more satisfying. 243 more words


Night Light Zine

Following on from my last blog post about making zines, the animal based zine who shan’t be named, I went on a mission to make a more affordable B&W zine with… 320 more words


Check Out the New Videogram and Lunchmeat Collaboration

Videogram has teamed up with Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine to release a new limited edition VHS tape and t-shirt. Unfortunately, the VHS release immediately sold out, but the t-shirt is still available! 15 more words


Videogram Lunchmeat VHS!

Yes! Here it is! I couldn’t be more excited to announce the second physical Videogram release, the Lunchmeat VHS! Released in collaboration with Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine and Doc Terror, this limited-edition VHS features the complete 2014 S/T album in visual form, edited as a faux-trailer show. 205 more words

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Diversión en Español!

Well, since literally tens of people has been asking about Pure Melvin, here’s a brief update and sample. With Jamie (aka The Jimmy C… 83 more words

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Beasts Zine dot dot dot

Beasts! A theme that’ll never die, a book that’ll never be completed; a product it could still be but perhaps not yet but lets see. 360 more words