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B.C. sea urchin (uni) is the foie gras of the sea

It’s been referred as the foie gras of the sea and you can feel good eating it because it’s Ocean Wise.

B.C. sea urchin (Uni) is a spiky creature with soft innards called the roe.   177 more words


This Dance Duo to Sam Smith’s Cover Makes the Whole Audience Stand Up

Dancers Kaylee Millis and Junior Cius receives a standing ovation at The PULSE On Tour Dance Convention in Boston, MA at the end of a very emotional duo. 60 more words


Why the Dance Community is So Amazing…

A beloved member of the dance community, Kyle Hanagami, was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. Willdabeast and his company #immaBEAST joined together to show Kyle their support and love through the thing they know best, dance. 41 more words


Vancouver Hot Spots: CRYSTAL CARSON - in Yaletown

Crystal Carson is a fashion stylist, on air and event host.

Favourite place: The Parlour  – Yaletown

Q: Why is the The Parlour your favourite place in Vancouver? 346 more words


Becky G Talks Family , Fans & New Album

I had a chance to chat with Becky G about her exciting year. She mentioned her amazing fans and how the “beaster” family continues to grow! 21 more words


Reasons why I hate technology

So not only do I have the stress of 22 GCSE exams but also the pressure of delivering the final video for our leavers assembly. 226 more words

Abusing Instruments - In the Name of Genius

Sometimes innovation springs out of abusing and misusing existing genius. Musical instruments have been invented and honed throughout history. Below are some examples of people taking those instruments and coming up with new and creative ways to use and abuse them. 63 more words