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The Good of the Order by Gerard Shields

Gerard Shields’ The Good of the Order: America’s Last 80 Years Through they Eyes of One Tiny Veterans Club (Hilliard & Harris, 168 pp. $16.95, paper) could easily feel like a piece of nostalgia for a great neighborhood bar. 554 more words


Vietnam veterans Memorial

By David Black

This weekend the veterans from Los Angeles Harbor College volunteered for The Wall That Heals exhibit in Gardena, California. The Vietnam Memorial replica is a three-quarter scale of the original wall in Washington D.C.

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Last Chance of a Crazy Virgin by Dennis Latham

Dennis Latham’s novel, Last Chance of a Crazy Virgin (YS Gazelle, 200 pp., $16, paper; $2.99, Kindle), is fiction, almost embarrassingly so. Latham is a Marine Corps veteran who served in Vietnam. 217 more words


Reflections on the Vietnam War by Warren E. Hunt

Former Army draftee Warren E. Hunt’s Reflections on the Vietnam War: A Fifty-Year Journey (CreateSpace, 142 pp., $12.95, paper; .99, Kindle) records his views of military life. 477 more words


Brother Brother by Dan Duffy

In Brother Brother: A Memoir (May Day Publishers, 300 pp. $12.99, paper: $2.99, Kindle) Dan Duffy tries to reconnect with his older brother Rich who vanished in 1970. 319 more words



Have yourselves a merry little day all you Vietnam veterans!

And be sure to make time to stop by your Vietnam Veterans Prize Headquarters sometime today to pick up one or more of these great prizes… 194 more words


Honoring the Service of Vietnam Veterans

BUTLER TOWNSHIP, Pa. — On this day before National Vietnam Veterans Day, servicemen and women were honored in Luzerne County.

A ceremony was held to say thank you to veterans who did not receive one when they returned home from the war. 398 more words