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The Gatekeepers

I decided to read The Gatekeepers by Chris Whipple as I have an avid interest in the history of the United States and the Presidents who led our nation. 257 more words


The Young and the Restless - Youth protest and the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign

Throughout the history of political protest in London in the 20th century, a familiar name appears again and again – Bertrand Russell. As mentioned in an earlier post, Russell was heavily involved with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and then the Committee of 100. 673 more words

35 Movies about the Vietnam War and Era

War has always impacted society and culture. The Vietnam War, one of the most divisive moments in US history, was no exception. More than 50 years since the Vietnam Era, its legacy and history continues to be examined. 1,172 more words

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Yassmin Abdel - Magied ANZAC controversy: Nauru and Manus debate to be had but not on ANZAC Day

ABC presenter, Yassmin Abdel – Magied came under fire for Facebook post linking ANZAC Day to Nauru, Manus and conflicts in the Middle East. She has received heavy criticism from a number of journalists. 446 more words


U.S. History - Vietnam War

Since the beginning of January, the New York Times has run a series of articles on the war – Vietnam ’67. (“Historians, veterans, and journalists recall 1967 in Vietnam, a year that changed the war and changed America.”) The articles come from both sides of the conflict.

Social Studies

These Lost Photos of Andy Warhol Show an Unseen Side

“Let’s put it this way, I had no love whatsoever for Andy Warhol, none. N-O-N-E. As far as I was concerned, he was a self-seeker, a clever artist for sure, basically an advertising man basically advertises for himself with all of his Factory of self-promotional expertise,” photographer Larry Fink bluntly tells TIME. 604 more words

"It's way, way overdue:" Honor Flight begins accepting applications from veterans of Vietnam War

MILWAUKEE — Since 2008, the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight program has flown 4,907 local WWII and Korean War veterans to Washington, DC to see their memorials. 550 more words