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Today's Theme Music

I put the mental music cloud on shuffle. ‘Fortunate Son’ by CCR was one of several songs that came up.

I know it from its initial release in 1969, when I was thirteen. 140 more words

Pop Culture

After the 'Cronkite Moment,' LBJ doubled down on Viet policy

One of the most cherished stories in American journalism is also a tenacious media-driven myth.

The cherished tale/media myth is commonly known as the “ 1,227 more words

Media Myths

US in Indochina: Ngo Dinh Diem,the incompetent, US-backed leader who led South Vietnam to the verge of collapsing

Between October 1955 and November 1963, Ngo Dinh Diem governed the precarious South Vietnam to a point of total disaster. While being backed and strongly influenced by the US, Diem’s South Vietnam was an attempt to establish a working democracy and anti-communist stronghold in Southeast Asia, mainly for the US’ policy of containment. 1,000 more words

Views From The Present

F4 Stuff

Recently I was looking at all the things I had collected that had to do with the F4.

The Phantom II mascot was called the Spook and he appeared on a lot of things from patches to letter head that I used to write home to ceramic trivets in arctic dress that my wife got in Alaska. 233 more words

American History

Thoughts of a Warrior-Scholar

I’ve started reading H. R. McMaster’s Dereliction of Duty.

As some of you may know, McMaster is the new national security advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump. 402 more words


Our Vietnam War Never Ended - by Viet Thanh Nguyen - NYT

“LOS ANGELES — THURSDAY, the last day of April, is the 40th anniversary of the end of my war. Americans call it the Vietnam War, and the victorious Vietnamese call it the American War. 225 more words

Vietnam-American War

H. R. McMaster, Reporting for Duty, Sir!

Well, since Trump scared away all the qualified civilians who might have been remotely interested in taking over as his new National Security Advisor, he had to put on his Commander-In-Chief cap and order an active duty general officer to take the job. 211 more words