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Seminar Report: Why was Eisenhower the most to blame for increased U.S. involvement in Vietnam?

This seminar report achieved a mid-2:1 in the second year of my undergraduate.

Vietnam Seminar Report – Why was Eisenhower the most to blame for increased U.S. 1,094 more words

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This Week's Top Picks in Imperial & Global History

Marc-William Palen
History Department, University of Exeter
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From Gandhi the imperialist to writing global intellectual history, here are this week’s top picks in imperial and global history. 920 more words

Imperial & Global History

War, entertainment, and feminism

By Jigna Kotecha

Before Sunday, both Super Bowl and Gloria Steinem were misconstrued. Steinem’s statement, “…And when you’re younger, you think: ‘Where are the boys? 920 more words

Kent State and the Syrian Refugee Crisis: How are We Responsible?

On May 4th, 1970, members of the Ohio National Guard open fired into a group of student demonstrators at Kent State University. Four students died and nine more were wounded in what came to be known as the the Kent State Massacre. 493 more words

The M113 APC is Back in Stock! Get Yours Today.

Get your very own “Green Dragon” with the M113 APC kit from Brickmania. 361 more words


Hillary Clinton's "Low Blow"

W.J. Astore

Last night’s Democratic debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in Milwaukee hit the usual notes for these two candidates (the transcript is… 576 more words

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The Girl in the Picture by Denise Chong

One of the most famous photographs in the world adorns the cover of this book – a young girl running, naked, her face contorted in pain and fear as the blast of napalm highlights the background. 448 more words