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He Said That? 8/29/15

After a class for schoolchildren, conducted by the U.K.-based Mines Advisory Group, about the dangers of still unexploded ordnance and the psychological and physical wounds from exploding bombs during the US bombing campaign of Laos (1964-1973) in conjunction with the Vietnam War, a member of the group asked the children what they would say it they met some of the people who dropped the bombs. 329 more words


BOGO Decal Sale of the Week

We have chosen five Vietnam Decal Packs for sale this week.

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Choose one, two, three, four or all five of our Decal Packs.  When you buy one of these Vietnam packs you will receive a second of the same pack for FREE.   14 more words


Paint it Black

Something for the weekend.  Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones. 148 more words

So It Is Starting To Look Like Vietnam

The posters are hung up for the presentation next Wednesday. Planning for the replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (the famous wall) has been taken over by the university head of safety and security (thank goodness). 275 more words



There are times when I know what I should write and just don’t do it. This one has been in my head and in various shapes and forms on my computer for quite awhile. 1,402 more words

Good for One Ride by Gary McGinnis

Gary McGinnis served with the Army in Vietnam in 1968 as a Water Purification Specialist attached to an infantry unit. His novel, Good for One Ride… 281 more words